Telenor, coverage | Telenor settles after coverage problems: – Very frustrating

Telenor, coverage |  Telenor settles after coverage problems: – Very frustrating

Agder newspaper: In Lendemoen, more than 200 caravans have been set up, and audiences from near and far have made the trip – and famous artists provide a great atmosphere. On Friday, among others, the band Asmund Amli and the Rabalders played for Sera's guests and visitors.

But payment problems affected the festival and caused headaches for the organiser. The Ersdal mast will be down and the network is barely functioning in the area and for many others in Sira. This makes all card and Vipps payments difficult.

– This is also very disappointing for all the mobile home guests who have visited Serra now, one of the guides told the newspaper.

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– We're sorry

– Unfortunately, we faced challenges with the radio line covering the festival area. It is unfortunate that this happened, especially when it comes to an event like this, and we apologize to everyone who was there,” Telenor CIO Julie Hoehr tells Agder.

She does not know when the error will be corrected, but she promises that it is a high priority:

– At the present time, it is not possible to give a time estimate – but the issue is a high priority for us. We are counting on two new pieces – one has arrived, but we are still waiting for a piece to be dispatched from warehouse. The error has been identified, so we are doing our best, but it is unclear exactly when the error will be corrected, says Heery.

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The festival calls for money

-We sincerely apologize for all the problems related to payment. There are major problems with the mobile network. This exceeded all payments on Friday. The festival administration says that we are betting on a better solution on Saturday evening, but we encourage those who can withdraw money.

It has been confirmed that there is an emergency solution if you are short of cash.

-We encourage you to come early!

Cancels dancing

The Sira Festival is held under a tent, and is not affected by the weather like other events this weekend. But heavy rains bring some challenges.

– Unfortunately the tea dance was canceled due to the weather. The festival management explains that we cannot use the tent, as the sound will be disturbed in the evening.

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concerned population

Agder has been in contact with many Serra residents who are frustrated by coverage issues. The particular concern relates to emergency situations and preparedness.

Flekkefjord Fire Service duty manager Kjetil Presterud says there are arrangements regarding security alarms, but this is a weak position when the mobile phone network is down. The Flekfjord fire service was not notified of the situation in Sira, and no concrete actions were taken as a result of the temporary absence of mobile phone coverage.

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