Telenor customers have been banned from the main gaming service

Their “network” blocked important game servers.

An error prevented Telenor customers from accessing the Epic Games Store, among other things.

“Warning! You are about to access a website that may contain viruses, scams or other malware, and therefore you may have been stopped by Telenor’s Nettvern filter.”

This was the message Telenor customers received online Tuesday night and Wednesday night if they browsed the Epic Games Store using their browser.

Attempting to log into the Epic Games Store to play any of the games purchased through the service was also impossible.

Telenor has blocked access. It’s something It certainly shouldn’t happen to such a large and dangerous service.

We asked Telenor what happened, and Director of Communications Julie Hæhre replied:

– After investigations, we see that Epic-games domains have been blacklisted for a few hours, day and night, which resulted in Nettvern blocking pages from about 10 PM until 02 AM. We are working to find out why it is ending on blacklists at this time.

Nettvern is a Telenor service that comes pre-activated with most Telenor customers. The service acts as a kind of additional firewall, which should reduce the chance of you getting stuck or scammed on dangerous websites that players like Microsoft or Google couldn’t block via Edge or Chrome browsers. Network protection protects all devices on your network because they are running through the router, not just your computer or mobile phone.

However, Netvern is completely voluntary to use:

If you’ve been prevented from visiting a website or using a service because of Nettvern, and you’re pretty sure it must be due to a bug, you can easily turn off the service for access, says Telenor.

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Network protection can be turned on and off through the “Mitt Telenor” smartphone app, or Via router from a web browser.

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