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Telenor’s chief information officer, Magnus Line, can say this has resulted in many of their customers having been without mobile and internet coverage for some time.

The power outage led to sporadic outages in Nisudin. Line says this has affected both traffic, mobile and communications.

He says at least 250 broadband customers have lost internet, as well as six base stations that provide mobile coverage, which are down.

“There should be good overlapping coverage, but I’d like to believe someone was without mobile coverage for a little while,” Laine explains.

Check the reason

Just before 09:00 a.m. Thursday morning, the CIO can say they have people at the Telenor Center in Skoklefald.

Our hypothesis is that there was something wrong with some batteries in this switchboard. We are working to get an overview of the cause and consequences of it.

Power should be restored, and no customers will be affected anymore.

– We will monitor the central office in Nesodden from now on. The CIO concludes that we have people making sure everything works, and they keep working on looking into this.

More recorded events

Police have also had several incidents related to Nissoden and Frog over the past 24 hours.

More on this here:

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