November 29, 2022


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Telenor, TV |  Telenor quietly released great news for 600,000 customers

Telenor, TV | Telenor quietly released great news for 600,000 customers

The main reason there is a complete conflict between TV 2 and Altibox, according to Campaign Not agreeing to include the TV 2 Play streaming service in the basic package.

Therefore, Altibox customers had to manage without TV 2 . channels Since April 1 this yearand there should be no contact between the two parties throughout the summer.

Included for everyone

It has long been said that the agreements TV 2 has with other distributors include the streaming service. On the other hand, if you have a TV through Telenor, you may have found this: the weekly archive from T-Wen was the closest we got to streaming TV 2 content.

But now Telenor is in the process of showing the kind of solution that TV 2 also wants Altibox to offer:

Quietly, Telenor has now included TV 2 Play Basis in the subscription of all T-We customers, whose number is now approaching 600,000. The same solution also applies to Allente’s satellite dish customers – formerly Viasat and Canal Digital.

We are constantly expanding the offer to our customers to give our customers more freedom of choice and flexibility. The next step in development is to include TV2 Play as part of the selection list. This summer, TV 2 Play Basis was available to customers via T-We apps, and from the fall the streaming service via T-We Box (set-top box) will also be included, Camilla Amundsen, head of broadband and television at Telenor, says to Nettavisen.

– At the fall launch, customers will also be able to upgrade to other versions of TV 2 Play. We’ll tell you more about the solutions when they launch in full in the fall. Currently, she adds, we have launched a beta version.

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Live Recording

The service itself is not ready in the company’s TV box until the fall, but the subscription works in the application on the mobile phone / tablet and Apple TV, as well as in the online player.

With Telenor’s aging T-we box getting so slow anyway that it’s on the verge of becoming unusable, other services are likely to be preferred anyway unless You can rent the upgraded chest for over 1,500 NOK per year.

To be able to use TV 2 Play, you must register on TV 2 via the T-we app (the QR code is available from the T-We box or via T-we on your mobile phone), or log in directly with TV 2 with your Telenor user . You will then get a new account linked to your Telenor subscription, but this can be combined with an existing account.

By signing up, you get access to a TV 2 Play Basis subscription, which is a limited subscription with ad breaks and without access to live TV channels, among others. The subscription fee is usually NOK 89 per month.

You can already upgrade now

Telenor says that an upgrade to other versions will come in the fall, but it looks like it’s already available now.

You can purchase up to a limited selection of other packages. This must be done directly with TV 2, Nettavisen receives confirmation of this Not You can use the Telenor points that you use to select channels to upgrade. This is in contrast to Telia’s solution, where you can upgrade one step with 20 points.

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Otherwise available packages Not Identical to the Standard Play Packs, and does not include, among other things, Disney+. So the discount obtained cannot be compared directly, but it is at best 89 NOK.