Telenor, TV2 | TV 2 peeling off after black screens: – We are losing millions

Telenor, TV2 |  TV 2 peeling off after black screens: - We are losing millions

It’s been almost three weeks since Telenor and TV 2 went their separate ways. It is marked on the latter wallet.

At the end of November, the old dealer agreement between Telenor and TV 2 expired. A couple of days later, the players were able to announce that negotiations on a new contract had broken down.

– We went into negotiations with the desire for long-term cooperation with TV 2 and the desire to invest more in Norwegian quality content. “We have worked hard to reach an agreement, but we can not enter into an agreement that would make it more difficult to be a TV viewer,” said Camila Amundsen, director of TV and Fixed Networks in Telenor Norway.

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– These are large sums

For almost three weeks, the telecommunications company’s 550,000 customers have been without TV 2’s channels.

During this period, the channel’s revenue was severely affected due to non-payment for Telenor TV2.

– We lose the revenue we normally receive from Telenor, and then we lose advertising revenue because we can not deliver what our advertisers have ordered. These are large sums. In all, there are tens of millions of people a month, says Sarah Willand, director of organization and communications.

Villand points out that at a time when new information about the Corona virus is coming in daily, it is difficult for Telenor’s customers to be able to deliver their content.

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In addition, there are many who have established Christmas traditions that can be missed this year.

If a new deal does not come into effect, Telenor’s customers will have to do without TV 2, Nyhetskanalen, Sportskanalen, TV 2 Zebra, TV 2 Bliss and TV 2 Humor this Christmas.

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Affects the audience

This is not only noticed in the economy. Throughout the fall, the NRK show Maskorama was a TV option for Norwegians. It has gone down beyond the audience of TV 2 The Maskorama final ripped off NRK TV2 with nearly a million viewers.

– First of all, congratulations to NRK for the success of “Maskorama”. TV 2’s press manager Jan-Petter Dahl told Nettavisen at the time that the number of viewers of “Norway’s new megahit” was naturally affected by the unavailability of TV 2 channels for 550,000 Telenor customers.

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