Telia announces a new increase in broadband prices

Now inflation is to blame.

Telia has announced a new round of price increases for its broadband and television customers. From December 1, the monthly rate will go up between NOK 30 and 50, depending on your internet speed.

Telia also increased prices in December 2021 and in December 2020. Both times the reason was increased home office use.

This time around, according to Telia, rising inflation was to blame for higher customer bills for the third year in a row.

We asked Telia why the bill would increase when more people returned to the office, and that should reduce network load at home:

In charge of developing, operating and maintaining a network that meets customer needs. We invest billions in the network every year. In recent years, there has been a strong growth in data usage and this growth continues. This is due, among other things, to the fact that many people are still in home offices, more high-quality streaming, and more and more devices are connected to the wireless network at home, CIO Daniel Barhome wrote to us.

Over the past three years, Telia’s Internet subscription has increased by roughly 8 to 19 percent. With 18.9 percent, the increase was the largest for those with the lowest speed, which is called broadband 100 and thus gives you 100 Mbit/s speed.

A broadband subscription of 100 also costs the highest per Mbit/s. We asked Telia why this happens, and whether frugal customers aren’t helping take care of those who want high-speed internet.

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Daniel Barhome, Information Director at Telia Norge.

To this, Barhoum answers simply that they are “interested in getting the most competitive broadband products and that the products receive different price increases due to differences in the cost base”.

We wondered a bit what that really meant, but Barhum didn’t want to explain why the skewed increase in cost or why Bredbånd 100 customers would have to take on more “burden” than customers who needed ultra-fast speeds.

Today, you can stream 4K movies, play games, and video chat at speeds well under 100Mbit/s. Even if there is more than one person in the family. Why doesn’t Telia offer lower speeds and a cheaper alternative to the Bredbånd 100?

We conduct continuous evaluations of broadband products to ensure customers have the best possible experience today and in the future, and we see a growing demand for faster speeds. Then there are the differences in the detached home market and housing association/condominium. In the latter market, many of our customers have speeds below 100 Mbit / s – because it is often a question of smaller apartments with singles and couples who need less capacity, answers Barhum from Telia.

Subscription (lower TV cost) Price 2023 Price 2022 Price 2021 Price 2020 Increase in the past three years
Broadband 100 629, – 599, – 569, – 529, – 18.9 percent
Broadband 250 729, – 699, – 669, – 629, – 15.9 percent
Broadband 500 NOK 819 769, – 739, – 699, – 17.2 percent
Broadband 750 879 NOK NOK 829 799, – 769, – 14.3 percent
Broadband 1250 NOK 1079 NOK 1029 999, – 999, – 8 percent
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Note that the prices given in the table are based on the fact that Telia also offers you TV signals. The cost of the TV, which is 539 per month in addition, is excluded. If you only get broadband from Telia, the monthly price for this is somewhat higher, but it goes up by the same amount as if you also had TV signals from the company.

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