Telia, DNB | Telia receives a failing grade from clients

Telia, DNB |  Telia receives a failing grade from clients

For more than 25 years, BI School of Economics has been behind the Norwegian Customer Barometer survey, which measures customer satisfaction and perceptions of a number of Norwegian companies.

Norwegian customer barometer

  • The Norwegian Customer Barometer at BI School of Business has been measuring Norwegian customer satisfaction and loyalty for more than 20 years.
  • Consumers say how satisfied they are with the companies from which they buy goods and services.
  • In total, 159 companies from nearly 30 different industries were judged.
  • In the survey, customer satisfaction and loyalty are measured on a scale from 0 to 100, with 0 being the worst and 100 being the best.
  • It is clear that companies with a customer satisfaction score of less than 60 have dissatisfied customers. Companies that achieve more than 80 customer satisfaction points succeed in making their customers happy.

At the bottom of this year’s survey we find Telia. As the only company, they get to roll a die of 1 and score less than 60 points. This means that Telia has “very dissatisfied customers.”

Telia does its job well on mobile phones. But they bought themselves problems when they acquired Get, which was a regular on the bottom. Telia saw a spike last year, but now it’s falling again, without us quite knowing why. University lecturer Pål Silseth at BI tells Nettavisen that they have a mission to do to achieve success and a high score.

– Telia avoids large customer outages by the fact that once subscribers have laid the cable in the wall, it is not so easy to change the supplier. Bonds are created, Silseth says.

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far from satisfied

Telia Norge’s CIO Daniel Barhom told Nettavisen that they are satisfied that Telia is making progress on the mobile side in this year’s survey. They are proud that Telia-owned OneCall ends up in 16th place

– At the same time, we are not satisfied with the results of TV and broadband, which is probably characterized by the fact that earlier this year, unfortunately, we had a lot of incoming traffic to our customer center. In addition, we had to increase prices due to the government’s abolition of the VAT exemption on news channels.

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Barhom says they’re working hard to create better customer experiences for Telia’s many TV and broadband customers on several fronts these days, and hope to see better results next year.

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SAS is struggling

Silseth is also concerned that the Norwegian has held up SAS in the measurements, with an 80th and 148th place respectively. SAS has to go out and get many billions in the market to survive.

– SAS strives for customer satisfaction and loyalty and is lagging far behind Norwegian, which is now the number one priority. A blue light is burning for SAS, which once had a large business sector. But that market has changed, and there have been very big changes in the market, Selseth says of the challenges.

Sbanken has been a regular at the front of these polls and is third in this year’s poll. Silseth says they have worked with the bank for more than 20 years. When the purely electronic bank saw the light in 2000, Sbanken created a concept that was on the customer side, they challenged the established banks.

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Swedish bank praised

– Sbanken has won the hearts of customers and has been more of a partner to customers than a supplier. It gave a whole different kind of dynamism and loyalty, Silseth says.

Last year, DNB had the final license to take over Sbanken, but it has slipped to 139th out of 159 companies and clearly the worst bank.

– Ironically, the most famous bank is being taken over by the worst bank. We’ve seen that some customers have left Spankin’. DNB is very good at new technology and new solutions, and they’ve been good at selling themselves to new groups, like the youth class.

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– Customers have very high trust in Sbanken, but low trust in DNB. Maybe there’s something in general that DNB isn’t pressing on, which means sub-segments of customers might pull out, Silseth says.

DNB’s Director of Market and Digital Sales, Aina Lemoen Lunde, says she naturally wishes DNB could measure higher. At the same time, DNB is pleased that Sbanken has stayed at the top in a year where a lot has happened.

– At the same time, we would like to point out that our customer satisfaction surveys show that our customers are very satisfied, and that both DNB and Sbanken are seeing customer growth. In any case, it gives us motivation to do everything we can to help our customers make good financial choices every day, and we can also promise that we will continue to insist that customers choose us, Lundy says.

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You lose something important

He hopes Sbanken will keep its independent brand name. There are many examples that when the smallest unit is taken up by the largest, the distinction disappears.

Vinmonopolet is on top of the rankings this year ahead of Flytoget, but Polet was bottom of the rankings around 2000.

They weren’t a customer favorite, but the moves they made show they can be stable at the top. Before the advent of self-service columns, Vinmonopolet was not popular. People were lining up in front of the tillers, and the people working there weren’t nice.

– Then Vinmonopolet realized that it was a monopoly with a responsibility to make customers happy. They have introduced self-service points, so that customers can shop more easily. Another step they took was to send employees on a smile training course and to become more customer oriented.

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Silseth says Vinmonopolet has hit the mark very well with experience and service attitude. The staff tells the customers what kind of wine goes with the type of food and is more invigorating,

– It sounds simple, but it was a cultural trip to change the attitudes of employees. It took them five to ten years from the time they decided to take action until they actually scored highly.

Runs Joker and Banners

Silseth says that in some industries it is possible to survive with low customer satisfaction. Joker and Bunnpris are in last place in this year’s survey, but they do have stores open on Sundays, so they offer something different.

– What does this assessment of reputation mean for companies in the long term, will there be any consequences?

Yes, international research shows that companies with the highest level of customer satisfaction earn more money and drive more value. Here at home, we have examples of disappearing companies that were so far behind in awards, Selseth replies,

Highlights real estate agent Notar and grocery chains Lidl and Ica. Ica is taken over by Coop.

Ica struggled to find a long-term concept. In addition, they frequently change managers in Norway, and new managers come up with new concepts, but customers don’t like it, although ICA also has good concepts, Silseth says.

Big changes

How would you sum up this year’s survey?

Much greater changes have occurred than in the years leading up to the pandemic. It depends on what companies do and what customers change their behaviour. Our wallets are getting thinner, which means consumers have to re-prioritize themselves as consumers. We must adjust to purchasing power,

– It will be a challenge for those who sell expensive items and it is a gift package for those who sell cheaper items, such as Normal. Companies with a wide range of products are the winners.

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