Telia is testing Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites to provide better mobile coverage – NRK Nordland

Telia is testing Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites to provide better mobile coverage – NRK Nordland

Fauske’s Håvard Solhaug spends about 100 days in the cabin in a year. But the cabin, which is located in Dorro near the Swedish border, has no mobile coverage.

Solhaug says he’s tried all the legal avenues to get coverage. All without success.

Håvard Solhaug is very positive about Starlink’s services.

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– It is very boring for me who has the opportunity to have a home office.

For emergencies, Solhaug has a GSM phone that uses a SIM card. However, it is not 100 percent stable, he says.

But now Elon Musk’s Starlink could be Solhaug’s salvation and many other no-holds-barred booth owners.

Telia works to deliver Starlink as a mobile service.

normal base station

At Telia, we’re keen to continually test new technology, and the advent of low-orbit satellites from companies like Starlink and OneWeb creates many exciting opportunities.

This is what Daniel Barhom, CIO of Telia Norge, told NRK.

Daniel Barhom, CIO, Telia

Daniel Barhom of Telia says Starlink is creating exciting opportunities for them.

Photo: Telia

He also confirms that initially it is about testing low-orbit Starlink satellites in conjunction with the mobile network. Telia has not currently entered into any commercial agreement with Starlink.

– At the moment we are in the testing phase, and we don’t want to say anything concrete other than the fact that our customers will be the first to be notified.

Barhoum says the solution will function as a normal base station, and customers won’t need additional equipment.

Telia car with antenna on the roof with wires going to a bracket with a transmitter standing next to the car.

Telia recently conducted tests with low orbit Starlink satellites in conjunction with the mobile network.

Photo: Telia

An important role in Ukraine

Many of the services we rely on today are internet-based. Thus, Starlink and similar low-orbit satellite solutions can be a relevant emergency complement to mobile and landline networks.

she tells Alexander Iversen, Subject Manager in the Security Division at Arrive.

The advantage of new low-orbit satellite solutions is that they now facilitate better data communications capability at reasonable costs.

Some other advantages specifically is that the solutions will contribute to connectivity and internet in the regions As there is no terrestrial or mobile network coverage today.

In addition, Iversen says Starlink played an important role in meeting Ukraine’s communications needs when terrestrial infrastructure was damaged and destroyed.

Prices must be reasonable

Not long ago, a new antenna for 5g was constructed at Risedalen in Saltdal. When that happened, Solhaug and the others in the cabin area hoped the coverage would improve. It doesn’t.

Now he hopes Telia + Starlink will become a reality.

– would have been totally awesome, given the prices are livable.

Solhaug points out that better coverage in the mountains is generally positive and would be good for preparedness and safety.

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