Telia: – Solve network problems

Telia: - Solve network problems

According to the site bottom detector Telia was down for several users Thursday night. The problems must have started just before 18.00 according to the first reports on the site.

Finally: Operational issues resolved, Telia writes in an SMS to Dagbladet at 19.47.

Our mobile and fixed network issues are now resolved, and we’re seeing traffic back to normal. We deeply apologize to customers who have been affected. The problems were caused by an internal error.

Earlier today, several Telia customers contacted Dagbladet and reported an error in their internet, Telia website and they did not reach customer service.

We are currently noticing that some of our customers are having issues with our mobile and fixed network. We are working on troubleshooting and hope to resolve the issue as soon as possible. We deeply apologize to the affected customers, Elaine Shen, Telia’s Director of Information, told Dagbladet at 19.05.

Vulnerable to society

The cause of the problems must be an internal error, something that IT expert Torger Waterhouse says could be anything from someone who configured something wrong, to physical damage, to “corrupted” equipment, etc.

– No matter what, it’s an important reminder that it’s important to focus on continuous improvements, among other things, safety and emergency preparedness, he tells Dagbladet Thursday night.

Under: IT expert Kai Røer believes there is a good chance that Facebook will drop to count again, as the internet giant did on October 4. Video: Dagbladet TV. Reporter: Julie Tran.
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One IT expert believes that wasted time like this shows how vulnerable we are as a society when something like this happens.

Everything you do in your life happens over broadband. It’s all your connections to the web, and this web connects all of your services. These are weaknesses, as we have a lot of technology in use, which isn’t always made for what you’re using right now, and we’re constantly improving the infrastructure.

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– awkward

The IT expert says that such problems often contribute to creating other problems and that the problem you see first is not necessarily the real problem.

At the moment, he doesn’t talk much about the cause of Telia’s network problems, but he says that it can be critical for some.

– Always when the infrastructure in the community is down, this is critical. If I want to read Dagbladet online it can be annoying, but if I urgently need a taxi to be taken to the emergency room, it will be critical.

Moreover, he cited the availability of health information and services, as important points that weaken when such a shortage occurs in the Internet.

What is important is what we can learn from this, whatever the technical reason. We need to learn the best way to protect ourselves so that we are better equipped the next time this happens.

Not the first time

At 18.45, NRK also mentioned on its website that it was having issues and was affected by the downtime.

This isn’t the first time this week that Telia had problems with the network and they weren’t alone.

On Monday afternoon, many popular internet services, such as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, were down for large parts of the afternoon and evening.

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