Ten years ago: Building gingerbread houses can also be mathematics

Ten years ago: Building gingerbread houses can also be mathematics

Anna Therese Skie (16) from Milhouse and Martha Normanseth (16) from Bovica thought the maths task was fun. Construction work was on display at the Milhouse High School library. “Then everything was crushed and eaten by the construction workers,” Trunderbladet wrote on December 21, 2013.

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– Better than sitting in the classroom

Seven gingerbread houses were created as part of mathematics for students in health and development, the first time the school has held such a mathematics project. Among the buildings are a theater with musicians and a castle.

Anna Therese Skye (16 years old) told the newspaper that this is much better than sitting in the classroom.

Before baking, students built houses and made models. The area had to be calculated, and separate construction drawings had to be available. Then the baking can begin, and finally the houses must be plastered and decorated.

-Putting the houses together was a bit of a challenge, Skye said.

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Related teaching

Using mathematics in cooking is part of the FYR Maths in the Kitchen project.

– All groups reached the finish line. Mathematics teacher Mette Hegerget, who, in collaboration with teacher Ton Vosbakken, implemented the innovative mathematics project, said: They made beautiful posters in which the drawings appear.

– Subject teacher Berit Bordahl-Larsen said the gingerbread houses were a time-consuming project, and there wasn't a lot of time for decorating.

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