– Tension increases

- Tension increases

NATO is concerned that Russia and China are apparently building ever-stronger ties — especially after the two countries on Wednesday South Korea sent bombers inside its air defense zone.

– Members of our alliance are concerned about the People’s Republic of China’s policy of containment, its use of disinformation, and its rapid, covert military restructuring, including its cooperation with Russia, says US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken. Reuters.

Hans Jørgen Gåsemyr, senior researcher at Norway’s Foreign Policy Institute (NUPI), says tensions between the great powers in the West and East are rising.

– Tensions are rising, so there is absolutely reason to worry. It’s going to be a very tense and conflict-ridden world, he tells Talkblade.

– High doubt

He describes tensions in Asia as “exceptionally strong,” particularly related to conflicts between the United States and China, but also related to other countries in the region.

– But countries flexing their military muscles is nothing new, says Casimir, adding:

– It is worth mentioning that territorial and security zones are two different things. They flew into the anti-aircraft zone. There is an additional security zone – the systems must intercept flights flying into the countries. It would have been more serious if they crossed the territorial boundary.

About China: Hans Jørgen Gåsemyr points out that it is important for China to insist on not participating in the war.  Photo: NUPI

About China: Hans Jørgen Gåsemyr points out that it is important for China to insist on not participating in the war. Photo: NUPI
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He also pointed out that it is not new for Russia and China to show common interest and strength. However, in recent years, its scope and depth have increased.

– Russia is more interested in playing under a narrative that China is on their side, and China is more interested in signaling common interests with Russia.

– How far can they go in cooperating with Russia and still maintain the position of a neutral party?

– This already contributes to much skepticism when it comes to what China is doing. For China’s part, they did not participate in the war and did not support Russia’s war, but it is important to refrain from criticizing them.

– Great horror

Gåsemyr points to several factors that defend Blinken’s concern about cooperation between Russia and China:

– Large exercises, commemorations linked to Taiwan this summer, the war in Ukraine and the continued escalation of conflict between the US and China. If they continue on a path of escalating conflict as they rearm militarily, the risk of unforeseen incidents will increase. That is the great atrocity – events that appear to be an act of war happen unintentionally.

Although the level of tension has varied in recent years, Kosemir believes that we are now in a long period where the level of conflict is intensifying. Signs like Mercury will become common.

– Either with Russia or with other countries China cooperates with. We will continue to see planes and boats that are considered invasive by other countries – it will not go away. There is no doubt that many major countries are intensifying the China debate in the context of Russia. It is associated with danger and threats.

– Usually

Øystein Tunsjø, a professor of defense studies at Forsvaretshøgskole who has focused specifically on US-China relations since 1945, points out that Wednesday’s incident was not a coincidence.[1945ஆம்ஆண்டுமுதல்அமெரிக்க-சீனாஉறவுகளில்குறிப்பாககவனம்செலுத்திForsvaretshøgskoleபாதுகாப்புஆய்வுத்துறையின்பேராசிரியர்ØysteinTunsjøபுதன்கிழமைநடந்தசம்பவம்ஒன்றும்புதிதல்லஎன்றுசுட்டிக்காட்டுகிறார்

– I wouldn’t attach too much importance to it. This is routine. “Yes – they’re showing solidarity and trying to stop, but I can’t see what they’re trying to stop,” he tells Talkblade.

Tunsjø believes that we are entering a new phase, but it is about the superpower rivalry between China and the United States.

– It creates completely new structural conditions for everything in the world. From military restructuring to climate, economy – everything. The rivalry also affects China’s strategic partnership with Russia, but China would not throw Russia under the bus because they want Russia to be an actor to trouble the US.

- Not new: Øystein Tunsjø points out that joint exercises between Russia and China are nothing new.  Photo: Norwegian Armed Forces

– Not new: Øystein Tunsjø points out that joint exercises between Russia and China are nothing new. Photo: Norwegian Armed Forces
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Relations between Russia and China have also cooled as a result of the war, Tunsjø points out. Therefore, joint exercises will be important to show that the parties still have some form of cooperation.

– Xi Jinping is not happy that things are going badly for the Russians in Ukraine. When he met with Biden in Bali earlier this year, they signaled that using nuclear weapons would be futile. It featured the two standing together, and it appeared to be aimed directly at Putin. Xi also said they should cooperate on food and energy – and they called for international cooperation. This can be read as a specific criticism of Russia.

– This week’s exercise, however, shows that the relationship is still good and close, adding that China and Russia have a strategic partnership.

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