Terrell Eckhoff and Ingrid Landmark Tandrivold – Swedish cross-country alarm:

Terrell Eckhoff and Ingrid Landmark Tandrivold - Swedish cross-country alarm:

Lillehammer (dagbladet): In connection with the National Figure Skating Championships in Lillehammer, a statement from biathlon star Tyrrell Eckhoff was given to Sweden’s cross-country skiing doctor, Per Anderson.

Its text is as follows:

It’s the biggest challenge we face in endurance sports right now. This is especially true for women. Andersson said the culture of silence is destructive, Andersson said in an interview with Swedish TT, reproduced by Aftonbladet A little over two weeks ago.

The national team doctor’s view is something that last year’s Norwegian World Cup winner supported.

– I support it, says Eckhoff.

Biathlon: It is not easy to go to the bathroom if you are a woman and an athlete. Produced by Marte Nyløkken Helseth / Dagbladet TV.
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Terrell Eckhoff and Ingrid Landmark Tandrivold previously discussed eating, eating and exercise disorders on the podcast «Kant Yoot».

In a 2019 episode, Ingrid Landmark told Tandrivold about a comment she herself received when she was aged 16 to 17, which caused her to get into a negative thinking pattern about food and exercise.

These ideas are now a chapter in the past, but the topic still engages biathlon.

Ingrid and I talked very clearly about eating disorders and sports. Weight, for example, has something to say, unfortunately. “I wish I could say everyone could be good at 10,000 metres,” says Eckhoff, before she continues, but then I lie:

There’s a reason they look like they do when you’re running 10,000 and that you can be even more powerful if you do biathlon.

– What do you think it takes for us to have a culture of openness in sports?

There are huge dark numbers of people with eating disorders. But this applies to society as a whole. I don’t know if there should be more transparency or not?

Sina: Sports athlete Terrell Eckhoff is good at a lot. But when she gets a bottle of champagne in her hands, she struggles a bit. Reporter: Melina Bambu-Sondefor. Video: Red Card / Bamboo.
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Her colleague Ingrid Landmark Tandrifold highlights diet and nutrition as a performance factor. She points out that a balanced diet is important for performance, but this can easily be misunderstood.

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I think it’s a misconception among many that the less you eat, the better you do. This is not how it works. To perform we need carbohydrates and we need sugar. Obviously, you have to be incredibly careful in your diet for optimal performance.

But there’s a difference between being careful in your diet and being impotent, she points out.

Like Anderson, Landmark Tandrifold believes the sport has a lot to do when it comes to open discussions, as well as focus on good dialogues between athletes and coaches.

I feel that within our squad we are an incredibly strong and healthy team with good values ​​and good attitudes. We are open and honest, with doctors, coaches and everything, she emphasizes.

However, all guilds and teams enjoy this way, however, Tandrifold is not sure.

– That might be taken for granted when you’re on the team we’re on. It’s definitely okay to have a discussion.

Factor in performance: Ingrid Landmark Tandrifold believes that issues around exercise, diet and exercise are misunderstood.  Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB

Factor in performance: Ingrid Landmark Tandrifold believes that issues around exercise, diet and exercise are misunderstood. Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB
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duty of secrecy

All athletes who will represent Norway internationally on skates or roller skates must have approval Health certificate By the national team doctor, in order to compete.

The doctor of the Norwegian girls’ national biathlon team, Lars Kolsrud, says he knows nothing about cross-country skiing in Sweden and the problems they might face. It also indicates the requirements in the Norwegian Health Certificate.

But since biathlon isn’t just about endurance as a challenge, this probably gives a different and more diverse relationship to what’s important in training and in competitions, Kolsrud emphasizes.

Well-recorded eating disorder issues exist in most endurance and aesthetic sports – but my experience is that this is always taken seriously – by the federations and their supporters in the Olympics. They’ve worked so hard with this, that the IOC chose the Norwegian model as a guide, he says.

It illustrates the duty of confidentiality that arises when an athlete struggles with nutrition and weight challenges. Thus, it is up to the practitioner himself what to share and what not to share.

He adds that the fact that eating disorders have so many aspects, which can range from a small challenge to being defined as an illness, makes it easy to talk about a cruciate ligament injury.

Failure to pass a health certificate

Norway’s national team doctor Oestin Andersen also received suggestions from Sweden’s national team doctor. In a report with Dagbladet a little over two weeks ago, he pointed out, in the same way as Lars Kolsrud, the importance of a health certificate to help Norwegian practitioners look after their health.

Data Backing: National Team Doctor Austin Andersen.  Photo: Terry Bendixby

Data Backing: National Team Doctor Austin Andersen. Photo: Terry Bendixby
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The Norwegian girls across the country were asked to comment on Anderson’s comments, but chose not to comment on Dagbladet.

Both Engfeld Flugstad Ostberg And Frida Carlson They had to take a break from top sports after they didn’t pass the health certificate. Comet Carolyn Simpson-Larsen was also denied entry earlier this year.

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