Terrible accident on National Road 7

Terrible accident on National Road 7

Traffic came to a complete standstill after a truck and several cars collided on National Highway 7 south of Kulswick in Flå municipality.

– It appears to be a serious traffic accident between a heavy vehicle and a car – Some more cars are involved. Operations Manager Espen Reid told Dagbladet at 18.15 that we had been notified that one person had been seriously injured.

In an update, police write that it was a back-and-forth accident, with a total of four vehicles and six people involved.

– We are working to get resources, and an air ambulance will land soon, Wright continues.

The road is closed

At around 18.30am, an air ambulance No. 2 was dispatched to the scene, police said.

The seriously injured man is a respectable 50-year-old. According to police, he was taken to Ulleval Hospital in Oslo. The four were taken by ambulance to Ringerike Hospital in Hønefoss, where they were last examined by ambulance at the scene.

The crash happened about 3.5 kilometers south of Gulswick. National Highway – a major artery between East and West and several cabin fields – closed at 6.20pm.

– There are major traffic problems due to the Easter holiday. Operations Manager Reid says diversions should be used.

Police expect the road to be closed for several hours as emergency services work at the scene to investigate the accident and take care of the victims.

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Ole-Petter Ruud, transport operator of Vegtrafiksentralen sør, says the diversion was activated at 19.00.

– This is primarily E16 from Føernes from Hønefoss, which is suitable for slightly heavier vehicles; And with the County Road 287 over, it would be a little easier for smaller cars, Root tells Platelet.

Have to drive many miles

The diversion causes major problems for motorists.

– The transport operator states that work is underway to obtain conductors and boards.

He encourages motorists to check 175.No. And vegvesen.number The traffic situation needs to be updated.

Rudd added that both had been notified by the Accident Investigation Board for Road Traffic and the Accident Committee of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration and were on their way to the scene of the accident.

– It often occurs in slightly larger and more extensive accidents, he explains.

The crash site is located near the site Three young brothers died The crane collided with the truck in August last year. The case is under investigation and the crane truck driver is in a state of indictment.

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