Tesla, Consumer | Refused to turn over Tesla to Gjermund – because the previous car owner owes money

Tesla, Consumer |  Refused to turn over Tesla to Gjermund - because the previous car owner owes money

Jermond Olstad backed down when he read the letter from Tesla.

Gjermund Olstad (28) of Stathelle in Telemark delivered his car, a 2016 Tesla Model X at a smoking four-wheel air suspension repair shop. The biggest surprise was when he was suddenly told he couldn’t get his car back at all without further ado.

Tesla Porsgrunn said they would not return the car, as the previous owner owed money to another Tesla workshop. The vehicle will not be handed over to Olstad until the previous owner has reimbursed it.

Did you get this with you?

– So far, I’ve been very happy with the Tesla, although the X from 2016 bears some marks as the first model, Olstad tells Nettavisen. He also owns a Tesla Model 3.

When he received the text message, it was clear that he would not accept the strange message from the garage.

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– First I wrote “Hi!” Again, before I ask what they think they got away with keeping my car in custody like that. Do they think I should threaten the previous owner? Olstad previously told engine Who mentioned the situation first.

– Fortunately, it was resolved fairly quickly, but the whole situation is comical. I was called by a guy higher up in the system and then it worked, Olstad tells Netavizen.

He says he was never afraid of not getting the car back.

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This is how it went when we were going to charge our top model Tesla on a V3 Supercharger in 2020:

– I asked them if they checked how legal it was, Olstad told Netavizen.

Olstad was absolutely correct in his assumption that what Tesla was trying to do was illegal.

Hans Jørgen Graffer Grøtta of NAF says this to Motor:

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Tesla has no legal basis for this. It’s like if I don’t pay my bills, they’ll ask you to. Customers experiencing this should first contact Tesla, and then with the police if it doesn’t work out, he says.

won’t answer

Even Sandvold Roland handles press inquiries about Tesla in Norway and is very frank about Nettavisen.

– We do not have a comment and we do not want to mention our names in the article. You could, for example, write that a Tesla Norway spokesperson would not comment on the case, he wrote in an email to Nettavisen.

She asked the online newspaper why he did not want to reveal his name in the case, but he did not respond.

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