Tesla electric car | Tesla cars are rising in value significantly: – significantly more than usual

Tesla electric car |  Tesla cars are rising in value significantly: – significantly more than usual

(The newspaper online) – I think this is just the beginning. It might be cheaper than it is now.

This is what Jim Roger Johansen told Netafcen. He runs the Teslanytt Facebook page, which has nearly 17,000 members.

On Saturday, A Supports On the page where he mentioned a Tesla Model S Plaid, which was for sale on Finn’s website for just under NOK 900,000. The car’s model year is 2023, and it arrived in Norway at the end of last year.

“This is what I call a price collapse. It could get worse if Tesla lowers prices further on their available 100 S and X,” he wrote.

The general trend of the market

As for Netavisen, Johansen is a bit more moderate, saying we may have to wait a month before we can prove a price collapse has occurred. However, he realizes that what we are witnessing now is very special.

Tesla has typically maintained its value very well compared to other cars. So, when we now see a 30 percent valuation in a year, I would at least say that’s a lot more than usual, Tesla enthusiasts say.

He stresses that he is not talking about individual models, but rather about the general trend in the market for expensive electric cars.

It is not unusual for a new car to depreciate by up to 30 percent in the first year, but at Tesla it has traditionally been a different story. Johansen says it was common there for prices to fall by about five percent, sometimes ten percent.

– How much do you think prices can fall? For example, on a new car in 2023?

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-Interest rates have a lot to say, but I think prices can probably drop to NOK 900,000 for a car that costs NOK 1.3 million new. It’s not far-fetched to think, but as I said, I think everything will be clearer in a month. Maybe you could also say this is a collapse, Johansen says.

according to Electric car24More than 110,000 Teslas are now driving on Norwegian roads.

Finn: – This one decreased the most

There are now approximately 1,850 used Tesla cars for sale in VIN. Prices decreased significantly in the third quarter of 2023 compared to the same quarter of 2022.

– What we see is that the previous two models Model S and Model 3 have dropped the most in terms of price in percentage terms, communications consultant Linda Glomlien at Finn.no tells Nettavisen.

It has decreased by 26.44 percent since last year.

– The newest model, Model Y, is naturally the best in terms of price.

The Model Y achieved a price reduction of approximately 14 percent.

Here are average Tesla prices from Finn. Prices are based on the latest published prices, regardless of model year.

  • Tesla Model 3 price dropped from NOK 469,000 to NOK 345,000
  • Tesla Model S price dropped from NOK 400,000 to NOK 299,000
  • Tesla Model
  • Tesla Model Y price dropped from NOK 639,000 to NOK 548,000
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