Tesla Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg – Now Tesla finally gets the green light

Tesla Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg - Now Tesla finally gets the green light

(Elbil24): Tesla has finally secured permits – with some conditions – which means they can soon begin production of cars at the giant plant in Brandenburg, outside of Berlin.

Tesla Gigafactory Berlin Brandenburg is the first Tesla production facility in Europe and its most advanced, sustainable and efficient facility to date.

Tesla faced a number of challenges with the completion of the plant, but after months of delays, Elon Musk and Co. Unleash the cheers on Friday. The certificate of achievement was then announced at a press conference in Potsdam.

There are still additional operational permits that must be in place, but this is seen as a formality, and will be in effect in a few weeks. Therefore the process is now considered the country.

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Half a million cars a year

Tesla has set itself the goal of producing up to 500,000 cars per year at the plant. In terms of test production, Tesla in recent weeks has produced about 2,000 cars, writes the German website RBB24.

This is in line with previous reports that Tesla received special approval from environmental authorities in Brandburg for Build 2,000 Model Y test cars in the factory.

It will likely take some time before Tesla hits a production pace that makes half a million cars a year, but the ambitions are clear. In the long term, Tesla also plans to build a battery plant at the plant, a plant that can produce batteries with a total capacity of 50 gigawatt-hours per year, when everything is operating at full capacity.

Until its completion, Tesla batteries will be delivered to Brandenburg.

big delays

Today, there are about 3000 employees in the factory. In the long term, the goal is to quadruple the salaries of 12,000 employees. This is probably a big reason why the plant now has the necessary approvals.

The political leadership of the state of Brandenburg came under pressure from its surroundings in the approval process for the Tesla plant. Environmental organizations in particular were unhappy with Tesla’s plans and claimed that the plant’s water use car would be too burdensome for the state’s groundwater.

Prime Minister Dietmar Wojdic, Environment Minister Axel Vogel and Finance Minister Jörg Steinbach in Brandenburg were all positive about the plant and demanded the many new jobs it would create.

Thus, it looks like it will turn out well for Tesla – which after all experienced massive delays in the process of obtaining factory approval. A year ago, Elbil24 wrote about the major delays and that the start of production for the Model Y was Postponed until mid 2021. Only now – more than six months later – can Tesla finally get its start.

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