Tesla is in court with the parking giant

Tesla is in court with the parking giant

For more than half a year, Tesla has received the bill from customers and employees who drove their cars from the Onepark parking lot without paying. Now the case ends up in court.

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(E24) Tesla has filed a lawsuit against parking company Riverty, in a dispute over who is responsible for paying its NOK 131,000 parking bills.

From October 2022 through May 2023, several Tesla vehicles drove from several Onepark parking facilities without paying. Onepark has a system where you can drive from the facility without paying, and then the car owner receives a bill in the mail.

In this case, the cars were owned by Tesla, which received an invoice from Riverty.

According to Tesla, they loan cars extensively, driven by customers who have the car in a workshop, or Tesla employees who use the cars for work.

The two parties have already gone through a conciliation board, where Tesla was ordered to pay for the parking.

– Over time, there was a disagreement between Tesla and Reverti regarding bill payments, Reverte's communications director Christina Nelson wrote in a statement to E24.

– Due to the legal nature of this matter, we cannot provide further details at this time.

Riverty pays the bills for several large parking companies in Norway, including Onepark.

Onepark has parking facilities all over the country, Including a number in Bergen.

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Tesla did not respond to E24's inquiries.

Blame it on bad timing

Tesla claims it received invoices from the parking company too late for it to finish processing them before it received penalty fees.

Tesla claims it takes six to 11 days for an invoice to arrive.

“This is not enough time for Tesla to process invoices, each of which must be approved in the United States,” Tesla explained at the conciliation council.

Tesla says it cannot be held responsible for the bills. They will not publish information about the identity of motorists. They point to him General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulations.General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulations.EU rules relating to personal protection.

In the conciliation council, Tesla blamed the Onepark parking system, because it was this system that made it possible to get rid of the bill.

For its part, Riverty claimed that because Tesla didn't identify the driver, it only had the electric car company to deal with. They encouraged Tesla to use faster solutions to handle invoices than it does today.

The conciliation board agreed with Riverty in the case, ordering Tesla to pay the parking bills. After the loss, Tesla filed a lawsuit against the parking company, and they will meet there in August.


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