Tesla Model 3, S and X:

Tesla Model 3, S and X:

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(Elbil24): When Elbil24 checked prices for the long-range versions of the Tesla Model S and Model X on Tuesday, the prices were NOK929,990 and NOK1049,900, respectively.

On Wednesday, prices were increased by 50,000 per model. Now you have to come up with 979,990 crowns for the Model S Long Range and a hundred dollars for 1.1 million for the Model X.

This was confirmed by senior manager Evan Sandvold Rowland to Elbil24.

– True, a price change was made last night for pre-ordering the new Model S and Model X, says Roland.

won’t explain why

This means that if you sat last night to order one of the luxury Tesla cars, but decided to sleep on the decision, you would lose 50,000 kroner overnight.

If it’s the Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus that you were expecting, you’ll lose 20,000 kroner. New car price 369990

Want to say something about the price adjustment background?

– Like other car manufacturers, we make regular price changes, based on a thorough evaluation of several factors. Roland replies: We do not comment on the background of each individual change.

Only applies to new orders

The Model S and Model X are among the electric cars in Norway with the best range. While the Model S Long Range promises a range of 652 kilometers, the SUV X follows with a range of 580 kilometers.

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Both cars are among the most expensive in Norway. And now they are more expensive.

If you placed your order by midnight, you will not be affected by the price change

– The change applies only to new orders, so existing orders retain the price that was confirmed at the time of purchase, assures Roland.

The form has not been touched

Although Roland doesn’t want to dig into why prices are so high, it’s no surprise that this has happened.

This weekend, prices are up $2,000 on the standard Model 3 in the US and $5,000 on the long-range Model S and X.

In the US, the price of the Model Y Long Range has also been raised by $2,000. This change has not yet covered the Norwegian market.

At the time of writing, you can buy the long-range version of the Model Y for NOK 534,900.

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