Tesla Phantom brakes – – can be downright dangerous

Tesla Phantom brakes - - can be downright dangerous

(Elbil24): Last week, it was reported that Tesla had arrested US traffic authorities. Customers remind that their cars Emergency brakes without warning.

This phenomenon is often called phantom braking – sudden braking that occurs automatically because the driver’s assistance in the car misinterprets information in traffic.

In the United States, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported that it received 354 complaints about phantom braking from Tesla owners in the past nine months, according to Car News.

In Norway, several years have passed since the first complaints about placebo braking appeared – and there were a lot of them.

The form can be filled out

In fact, a lot of it Tesla owners club Norway (TOCN) has a separate page where they tell Tesla customers about the phantom brake.

Here, customers can fill out a form where they share their experiences and provide details about the time, location and possible cause of phantom braking.

Specifically, we received 190 comments via the online form. However, there are more who have reported this on our various social channels. Both post on Facebook groups, forums and via email, chief Satish Varadrajan tells TOCN to Elbil24.

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Immediately unfortunate and dangerous

He hopes the news from the US will make Tesla deal with the problem once and for all.

Look at this holistically, then there is no doubt that it is a real problem, and something we as Tesla owners would like to see improve, says Varadrajan.

The naturally unexpected sudden braking is a big surprise to the driver and can cause shock to both the person concerned and any occupants. Not least, it can lead to accidents.

– Yes, it is not difficult to understand that this can often lead to unfortunate situations in traffic, and sometimes even directly dangerous. This is particularly unfortunate at high speeds, especially when driving on highways, says Varadrajan — and continues:

A typical example is that you are driving in Zone 90 on the highway and the car suddenly brakes. This will create a stressful reaction, both for the driver and for those following him in the car behind him. The TOCN chief says that if it’s also a large trailer or bus, situations can quickly arise that can lead to serious accidents.

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Good dialogue

The vast majority of phantom braking reports come from the car’s autopilot or adaptive cruise control.

Those who reported, described in detail where and when phantom braking occurred. In addition, they describe the course of events during these events, Varadrajan says.

In the USA, several owners are said to have expressed their concern directly to Tesla, but the electric car manufacturer is said to have dismissed the complaints and claimed braking was normal.

Despite the fact that phantom braking is an ongoing problem in this country, TOCN has a good dialogue with Tesla Norway.

We have regular contact with Tesla and, of course, handed our information over to them. It is important for us to highlight such challenges, so that Tesla can be better and make the experience of owning a Tesla safer. We test that they take this feedback seriously and that this is a priority and important to them. Varadrajan concludes that it is in everyone’s interest that we help each other and do what we can to improve ownership.

Elbil24 has been in contact with Tesla Norway. They do not want to comment on the matter.

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