Tesla Phantom Brakes – Tesla in Severe Weather

Tesla Phantom Brakes - Tesla in Severe Weather

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(Elbil24): US traffic authorities have launched an investigation into the Tesla case after a number of complaints about phantom braking.

Dummy braking means that the car is taking a sudden count without any clear explanation. Braking occurs automatically as a result of driver assistance and typical problem areas are under bridges and at the entrance and exit of tunnels.

And the background is that the shadows, among other things, deceive the car and make it think that an obstacle is appearing on the road. Phantom braking is highly experienced for the driver and passenger(s) in a vehicle, who do not see braking coming.

At the same time, it can create dangerous situations because phantom braking comes as a surprise to the road users behind them – who then have to act at lightning speed and brake abruptly.

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354 complaints

In the United States, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that it has received 354 complaints about phantom braking from Tesla owners in the past nine months. Writes Car News.

Last quarter, 100 complaints were received, according to the Washington Post.

It is common in complaints that phantom braking often occurs in connection with the use of the advanced driver assistance system’s autopilot.

A total of 416,000 2021 and 2022 Tesla Model 3 models The Model Y in the US will have this system, according to Automotive News.

Tesla owners report that “the car applies the brakes unexpectedly while driving at highway speeds” when the autopilot features are in use. Adaptive cruise control was cited as an example.

Several owners are said to have expressed concern to Tesla, but the electric vehicle manufacturer is said to have dismissed the complaints and claimed braking was normal.

According to NHTSA, an owner of a Tesla Model Y from 2021 must have tested that the car did sharp braking when the car was speeding around 130 km/h. “The braking was so violent that my head was pushed forward and I almost lost control of the car,” the Tesla owner wrote, according to the report.

Norwegians are encouraged to report

Tesla customers complaining about phantom brakes is not a new phenomenon in Norway. In recent years, there have been several storms of complaints from Norwegian Tesla owners precisely because of the car’s unexpected emergency braking.

There is no doubt that this is a real problem in Norway as well. President Satish Varadrajan says: We have received hundreds of complaints about phantom restraint Tesla owners club Norway To Elbil24.

They have a separate page where they tell Tesla customers about dummy braking. Here, customers can fill out a form where they share their experiences and provide details about the time, location and possible cause of phantom braking.

It has been a long time since we received the first complaints, and there are many more involved, says Varadrajan.

Tesla Owners Club Norway writes the following on its website:

Cars with the latest hardware for autonomous driving (also called AP2 and later (autopilot 2 / 2.5 / 3 generation), as well as AP1 cases), are constantly getting new and improved software, as cars “test” new things. They orient themselves, keep their distance from those in front, follow the blind spot, and can also change lanes or take off from the main road on their own at some stretches. However, there are times when the car slows down without any reasonable explanation. This can affect both the driver and the passenger, but most importantly; It can come as a big surprise to road users behind, who then have to apply the brakes all of a sudden.

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