May 17, 2022


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Tesla puts aside other projects to make humanoids

Tesla puts aside other projects to make humanoids

Give priority to robots

The president of Tesla announced that in the future the company will make a major change in what it will prioritize in the development of its products. In short, it’s about setting aside “everything else” to focus on developing the Tesla Bot, a humanoid robot also called Optimus.

When Optimus was first announced, Musk stated that they hoped to develop a clear prototype by 2022, but we assumed it would be nothing more than a side project that could be a byproduct of the technology developed in relation to the rest of their products. work.

The most powerful platform for artificial intelligence development

The change in route choice is certainly an interesting thing. The product was at one time considered a side project that could be used to attract new talent in artificial intelligence (AI) who could also contribute to their work developing self-driving cars.

Now the tone has changed, as the company’s director of artificial intelligence onstage stated that he believes the “Tesla Bot” is on its way to becoming the world’s most powerful development platform for artificial intelligence. They have big plans for Optimus, which, according to the head of Tesla, should be able to solve the problem of labor shortages. The Tesla Bot will be used for the first time naturally in the company’s production plants. On this, Musk says they don’t expect others to find a benefit to the robot, if they themselves can’t.

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