June 10, 2023


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Tesla revives an important job, but refuses to take complete control

Tesla is partially giving drivers back control of regenerative braking settings with update 2023.6.100.1.

At least give me a choice

Pedal driving is one of the most innovative things about electric cars – if you cancel acceleration, the car brakes on its own and in that way generates energy and sends some of this to the battery.

Tesla believes that it is very important to apply the strongest braking without giving drivers a choice. It’s an unusual strategy, as all the cars we tested offer opportunity for choice, but Tesla’s focus has been maximum on range and avoidance of range anxiety, especially for new Tesla owners who may not have been familiar with it. In this way, they may have helped someone get to the finish line.

Two options, but you can’t deactivate them

Fortunately, Tesla has come to its senses and will again give users the opportunity to choose “standard” and “low” braking force, so cars can be of good standard when the car is delivered.

In fact, these are the only two options where the standard provides the maximum regenerative effect, and with a low level, the amount of braking is limited, but the function is still active. It’s not unusual for competitors to have three settings: maximum, standard, and completely off. Maybe in another update?

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