Tesla semi truck – Elon Musk surprises:

Tesla semi truck - Elon Musk surprises:

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(Elbil24): In 2017, Tesla presented its plans forTesla Semi. Five years later, the first customers can soon receive the car, which is a large semi-trailer.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk wrote in a surprise message on Twitter that Semi is getting closer:


In a Twitter message, Musk wrote that Tesla will start delivering half this year, while at the same time keen to show that half of them will have a range of 500 miles – or just under 805 kilometres.

There is also reason to believe that the delivery of the half before the New Year will initially interest the US market.

Anyway, it is gratifying that there appears to be good progress in production.

In 2017, Tesla announced that it envisions starting production in half in 2019. A number of challenges caused delays, and the tech company did not start production as planned.

Photo: Tesla

Photo: Tesla
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In 2020, Tesla CEO Elon Musk stated that it was time to start mass production. One year later – last summer – it was revealed Electric that Tesla was making progress toward producing half at a smaller facility near the Gigafactory Nevada.

Tesla later stated that they envisioned the Semi launch having to wait until 2022 due to the limited battery supply.

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Next, Cybertruck

Meanwhile, Tesla has invested heavily in ramping up Model 3 and Y production to keep pace with demand. Thus, it is uncertain whether Tesla will be able to offer completely new products this year.

In January, Musk came out himself and told them It won’t come with any new models this year. However, the above Twitter message notes progress on Tesla. Keeping with Musk’s latest promise, Tesla Semi will be on the roads before the end of the year.

Next year, it’s time to buy the much-talked-about Cybertruck, Musk tweeted. Tesla is expected to unveil a production version of the Cybertruck soon. The car’s development has faced a number of challenges and delays, but expectations for the car remain high.

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