Tesla stops producing bestsellers in Norway

Tesla stops producing bestsellers in Norway

The American company Tesla has achieved semi-adventurous success in Norway. Admittedly, it started off cautiously with the small sports car, the Roadster. But in 2013, the Model S family car appeared. It became a talking point and a bestseller.

The Model S was followed by a full-size Model X SUV—and since then, the Tesla carousel has rotated faster and faster.

In recent years, the smaller and cheaper Model 3 Tesla People — and the mid-size Y SUV — has kept the wheels in motion.

Despite the fact that the Model Y came out less than a year ago, it has already surpassed the Model X in the number of units sold. It is also, by a good margin, the best-selling car model in Norway so far this year. However, the best-selling model overall is the 3-er. It’s close to 40,000 sold, just here on the mountain.

Tesla doesn’t just have the best-selling model in Norway. It is also the best selling car brand in general.

Production stopped

Now, however, there are some challenges awaiting the electric vehicle manufacturer. From July 11 and two weeks after that, no cars will be produced at Tesla’s newly opened plant in Berlin.

The brand’s largest manufacturer, in Shanghai, China, also halted production. First for Model Y for 2 weeks, then Model 3 for 20 days. write recognized Bloomberg Financial website.

But this time it is not the lack of wires or semiconductors that is the reason for the halt in production.

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After upgrading the production lines, the production capacity should be doubled. Illustrative image.

Capacity must be doubled

The reason Tesla stopped production is almost entirely the opposite. They have to increase production more and therefore production lines have to be rebuilt.

Starting around August 1, production will be back in full swing at both plants. The goal is to be able to double the capacity in the long run.

But it wasn’t all just Tesla’s joy, either. The Shanghai plant, which produces most cars, has already been hit hard by the coronavirus and shutdowns. The factory in Berlin has just started. After several delays, it opened on March 22 this year.

A newer plant in Austin, Texas, opened for the first time on April 7.

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lose millions of dollars

Although there are many factories – sales of Tesla cars fell for the first time in two years. Shows manufacturer-specific numbers. In the second quarter, they delivered just under 255,000 vehicles. This is 55,000 less than the previous quarter.

Factories in Berlin and Austin are losing millions of dollars now. They have almost no production, but they have a lot of expenses. In addition, it is necessary to return the Shanghai plant to full operation.

This is what Tesla founder Elon Musk said at an internal event on May 31 this year.

When the new and updated production lines are up and running in a month, at least it’s not the capacity it should be. The upgrade, with both new factories and upgraded production lines, reveals that electric vehicle manufacturers believe in it — and look to the future.

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