Tesla Supercharger V4 – You may have revealed the new Tesla charger

Tesla Supercharger V4 - You may have revealed the new Tesla charger

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(Elbil24): Tesla’s network of lightning chargers – the so-called Superchargers, is the largest in the world. In total, there are now more than 35,000 shipping jobs worldwide.

In terms of design, chargers stand out in many ways, compared to the competition. For example, they have a large hole in the middle, where the charging cable is connected and which provides protection for the plug when the charger is not in use.

short cable

At the same time, chargers were primarily designed to be used by special Tesla car models, but now more and more of them are being opened up for other electric vehicles.

However, it does create some challenges when cars have to park at the charging point, thanks in part to the short charging cable.

As is known, electric cars have a charging hole located in different places, after which you often have to resort to creative situations to connect the car to a Tesla charger – like the BMW i3:

Fax: Facebook

Fax: Facebook
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Now, however, it may seem that the problem will be greatly reduced in future Tesla terminals.

New design revealed

A number of international websites have mentioned in recent days what the fourth generation Supercharger (V4) could be designed for. a favour Electric Among those who claim that he is V4 design revealed.

Regarding planning for a new supercharger station in Danvers, Massachusetts, Tesla has attached drawings of what they refer to themselves as “The last alternative to the Tesla charger”

The new charging function appears to be longer than current V3 chargers. At the same time, the large hole in the middle disappeared.

Instead, the cable is attached to the side and appears to be significantly longer than the V3. This increases flexibility, which may benefit other car brands.


Tesla and Elon Musk have previously said that the company plans to increase maximum power to 300-350 kW on superchargers in the future (from 250 kW on current V3 chargers), and several sources predict that the more massive design is an indication that this is a more powerful charger of the day.

Tesla has yet to confirm whether this is really the fourth generation Supercharger, or whether it is just a version of the V3. We will come back with more information once we know more.

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