May 21, 2022


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Tesla works like Apple: removes the charging cable

Tesla works like Apple: removes the charging cable

Apple started this trend by removing the charger from the iPhone cover. Several manufacturers have followed suit, including Samsung which hasn’t even included chargers for its new Galaxy Tab S8 tablets.

Tesla Tesla mobile charging cable for new orders

And now it’s the trend in cars, because Tesla just announced that it won’t include an extra charging cable in new cars. Kia also announced the same with the EV6.

This is the portable charging cable (mobile charging cable), that is, which can be plugged directly into the socket for slow, but easy charging no matter where you are.

This is how Musk defends the decision

Instead of including this cable now, Tesla decided it should be purchased separately instead. Elon Musk tweeted that the price had been reduced from $400 to $200 and that the company should at least make it easier when buying a new Tesla.

Musk advocates this measure the same way Apple did: that this is a waste and that usage has been low, but unlike portable chargers most people have, how many charging cables are there? In any case, Musk says he recommends installing a wall charger before plugging in the car for faster charging from the socket.

In the Norwegian Tesla online store we find only a “wired portable connector” for 6420 kr, which is completely sold out, while the connector with additional charging (2nd Generation Mobile Phone Connectors Bundle) is also made in the US and includes a conventional plug socket.

The Norwegian Tesla website has not been updated to reflect the change that applies to the US website: