Tex, Madcon and Aref surprised everyone.

Tex, Madcon and Aref surprised everyone.

TIX started playing Sjeiken as he entered the stage. Photo: Bastian Lunde Hvitmehr, VG

Suddenly TIX, Madcon, Arif and Rakkere appeared on the main stage and ended this year's festival in Kristiansand.

Last year, Cecile Kirkjebo was the surprise at the end of the festival.

She said it led to reactions. TV 2 then.

Saturday night, there was a lot of criticism on stage. Then several crowd favorites came out and this year's show came to a close.

“Insanely awesome,” Tshawe Baqwa says at Madcon to VG right after he leaves the stage.

He would have liked to perform more songs.

– It's really annoying to have to leave the stage after such a short period.

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Right after Marshmello's final performance on the main stage, it started raining.

The audience didn't give up. They were ecstatic when Rakkere made their first surprise appearance with the song “24/7”.

They were just one of four acts to appear on the main stages to close this year's festival.

And so began this year's surprise:

VG spoke to Palmesus's general manager just before Palmesus ended, who gave a glimpse of what was to come:

– The atmosphere is great in Bistranda and now we are looking forward to Jonah and Marshmello and maybe there will be a surprise at the end. This year's festival gathered 50,000 spectators, says Leif Fuseli.

– Considering that it rained heavily last year and that the weather forecast this year has also been somewhat difficult over the past two weeks, we are very satisfied with ticket sales, says the general manager.

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FYI: VG is among the sponsors of Palmesus. The agreement is handled by the VG marketing department and is independent of the editorial staff.

Earlier in the evening, noise was reported in connection with the festival.

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