Text messages reveal drama between Elon Musk and Twitter chief

Text messages reveal drama between Elon Musk and Twitter chief

Elon Musk wanted to buy Twitter. Then withdrew. led to a legal dispute. Now the entire world is getting a unique insight into the billionaire’s text messages.

Here is Tesla founder Elon Musk at ONS (Offshore Northern Seas) in Stavanger in August. Musk is now in court after retiring from Twitter earlier this year.

“I am not joining the board of directors. This is a waste of time,” Musk wrote in a short message to Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal.

“It makes no sense to buy Twitter if we are now entering World War III,” he wrote to a banker at Morgan Stanley.

Media around the world enjoy Elon Musk’s private text messages. The text messages have become evidence in the legal dispute between Twitter and Musk.

Messages are indicated in both WatchmanAnd the BBCAnd the Washington PostAnd the CNN And the BloombergFor example, but not limited.

Here are five results in SMS logs (Which you can read for yourself here):

1. ‘The strangest place I’ve met him’

Just at the end of March, Musk contacted Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal. There was a good atmosphere at that time. The first meeting between the two was with Twitter chief Brett Taylor on March 31.

where? In an Airbnb apartment near the airport, near tractors and donkeys.

“This place won the award for the strangest place I’ve met recently,” Taylor wrote in a text message.

“This was memorable for several reasons. I really enjoyed it,” Agrawal wrote in a short message to the two after the meeting.

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Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal has not only had a good relationship with Elon Musk. It was revealed through Musk’s SMS logs.

2. Then the relationship soured

On April 4, it was announced that Musk was buying 9.2 percent of Twitter and that he would be joining the board of directors.

Soon thereafter, there was confusion.

“shut up twitter” Asked Musk on Twitter on April 8. He noted that the most followed Twitter users are inactive accounts that hardly post anything.

Then Twitter CEO Agrawal responded.

“You are free to tweet” Is Twitter dying? “Whatever it is about Twitter — but it is my responsibility to tell you that it is not exactly helping me improve Twitter,” Agrawal wrote to Musk.

Musk immediately responds with three short messages:

“What was up this week?”

“I will not join the board of directors. This is a waste of time.”

“I want to make a bid and remove Twitter.”

3. “You can’t work together”

On April 25, it became known that Musk wanted to buy Twitter completely. Then Jack Dorsey, the former CEO of Twitter, tried to mediate between Musk and Agrawal. The three held a video meeting.

Musk wrote to Dorsey after the call: “Baragg works very slowly and only tries to please people who will never be satisfied – no matter what he does.”

At least it became clear that you two couldn’t work together. Dorsey replied.

4. Celebrity Connection

There were several Musk fans who watched their pieces call him when it became clear that Musk wanted to buy Twitter. Among them was podcast host Joe Rogan.

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“Will you free Twitter from the happy masses of censorship,” Rogan asked.

Celebrity CBS host Gayle King wanted an interview.

“Wonderful! Don’t you think we should sit face to face together? This is what kids today call the ‘gangsta movement.’ I don’t know how contributors can say no to this. Like I said, you’re not like the other kids in the class,” she wrote.

He also made contact with the head of the German newspaper publishing company Die Welt and Bild, Matthias Dobfner.

“Editor Die Welt just gave an interview about why he’s leaving Twitter. What he’s criticizing is exactly what you want to change. I look forward to discussing Twitter’s future when you’re ready. Very exciting,” wrote Döpfner.

Musk has also received letters from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman and media investor James Murdoch, to name a few.

Podcast host Joe Rogan met Elon Musk. “Will you free Twitter from the happy masses of censorship,” Rogan asked.

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5. More fixed ideas

In the middle of an SMS conversation with Chairman Brett Taylor at the end of March, Musk said:

“Cryptospam on Twitter really needs to crack down on it. It spoils the user experience, and deceives a lot of innocent people.”

But musk is not anti-crypto. He had a “plan B” for Twitter: to get rid of spam accounts by requiring everyone who wrote the tweet to charge, say, 0.1 Dogecoin, a cryptocurrency.

Tech investor Jason Calacanis launched the business idea that celebrities could pay a small amount for each follower they earned, so that in return they could connect with the followers with advertising.

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“Imagine we ask Justin Beaver (Bieber, the note) to come back, then let him message his fans. He can sell fan influences and tickets for ten million dollars right away,” he wrote in an SMS.

Calacanis worked hard to get to work for Musk. “Board member, advisor, whatever…You have my sword (quote from The Lord of the Rings, journal. Note)”

He wrote: “You know I ride or die, brother – I’ve been jumping on my Grande (Grenade, Diary.) for you.”

The case begins on October 17

Musk withdrew his attempt in early July. Twitter has not agreed to file a lawsuit.

Musk responded with a counter suit.

The fiery financial drama begins on October 17 in court in the US state of Delaware.

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