That is why the sky is red

That is why the sky is red

You may have recently stopped and noticed the glowing sky. Otherwise, you may have gotten it through the many photos that appear on the Instagram feed.

There is no doubt that sunset attracts us, and it is not so strange.


Now the sunset in winter may be more important than in summer. However, working meteorologist Elin Tranwall says there is no such specific explanation for the phenomenon.

– Cause, she says, because the sun is low in the sky, it will be a long way to light.

Tronwall also says that it is absolutely necessary that clouds do not come in the way of the sun.

CLOUDENENOMEN: Colorful clouds over Oslo in November. Photo: Eric Johansson / NTB
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He emphasizes that those who stay in eastern Norway and some places in western Norway are most spoiled by the beautiful sunset during the day.

Not only is the sky on the horizon beautiful to look at, but the clouds throughout the afternoon are very beautiful.

Lens clouds, or “lenticularis clouds”, can be experienced in many colors.

– The lens clouds occur when the sun reflects off the cloud, and the meteorologist says it depends entirely on the particles in the cloud.

White Christmas

Tranwall says the sun is spinning next Tuesday and it’s hard to predict whether we can expect a more colorful sunset towards Christmas.

However, she is sure that many will celebrate White Christmas.

– It seems that many people can get snow for Christmas. We are facing a cold season across the country. Tronvoll says there will be some periods of snowfall, where there is already snow, and it will stay that way.

She knows the snow will spread, but some are luckier than others. Or, being asked how to view it.

Heavenly Phenomas: Many were amazed to see this celestial event take place in Thailand. Video: Newsflare Reporter: Waggard Krueger
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For those who love the snow on Christmas Eve itself, Northerner can be loudly cheering.

– There will be a lot of snow on the trams and finmark. And the interior of the Northland is generally further south. In Trøndelag, I think it’s raining a lot in recent days, he says.

In coastal and eastern Norway, snow is more likely to be scattered, but at least suitable for white-covered slopes when cold winds move from the north.

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