That’s “super fast” with Apple Vision Pro

That’s “super fast” with Apple Vision Pro

Apple limits active VR gaming to a smaller gaming area than many competitors.

Priority should be given to augmented reality in the initial stage

Hans Carlson is CTO of virtual reality company Mimir who makes the disclosure. If the user moves more than 1.5 meters in all directions. Apple explains that the limitation is there for safety reasons “so people don’t bump into things” – isn’t it just for the user to free up space?

In any case, Carlson is naturally skeptical of the limitations, and is disappointed that there is no “true volumetric video possible outside of the training area. No table tennis, nothing to get you moving outside of a small box. Super cool.” Maybe Apple will open up more space when it launches the headset next year? It may take until May before that happens.

Apple may open its doors to more, for free?

It’s almost impossible to believe that Apple won’t open up more room for fun later on via software, it will open up so much fun. Maybe they think the headset is too heavy for this kind of thing? It is possible that the cheaper version is lighter and therefore better for activities.

It is already known that Apple is planning a number of improvements for the second generation in addition to working on a more affordable variant. It is not unreasonable to think that expanding the operator’s territory would be a bait for buying new hardware, while at the same time it is permissible to hope that Apple will forgo improvements and functionality in VisionOS.

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