– That’s the sick thing about it – VG

- That's the sick thing about it - VG

Erling Braut Haaland (22) has fewer ball touches than Manchester City goalkeeper Ederson. The Norwegian scores a goal every 12 times he touches the ball.


Haaland has been close to the ball 105 times in the Premier League. He scored nine goals. Simple math gives 11.7 touches per target. There are huge numbers of football in Europe.

It caused a stir when Haaland only had eight touchdowns in the second round of the series against Bournemouth. After five consecutive rounds, the score is an average of 24 touches per game.

Only Juventus striker Dusan Vlahovic (22) – who also had an impressive start to the season with his four goals in four Serie A games – had less contact with the ball than the Norwegian among a select group of strikers in Europe’s top five leagues.

Effective, his team too: Dusan Vlahovic is among the most effective strikers in Europe.

– Not surprising in any way. Backroom tips have a few touches. Last season, Jamie Vardy had 20 touches per game, while Callum Wilson had 24. what he is The terrible thing about Haaland is that he scored so much. 12 touches per goal is an incredibly impressive statistic, says Karl Marius Aksum, PhD in visual perception (sensation) at the Norwegian Sports Academy.

Only Vlahovic has fewer: Juventus striker Dusan Vlahovic – who has many traits in common with Haaland in both his age (22) and playing style – touches the ball fewer times on average per game. However, he only uses 22.31 touches per result (four goals in four matches).

He is the head coach of the Odd Junior Elite team.

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– Haaland will participate in the attacks at the end and mostly use one touch: leave, finish or play a decisive wall – this type of interference. By comparison, Phil Foden can use 12 touches in one position, he explains.

Sergio Aguero had 88 percent more on the ball than Haaland during his time under Pep Guardiola.

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“Haaland is a man who lives in the penalty area,” the City manager told Sky Sports.

When the ball-delighted City players patiently build their attacks, the Norwegian’s job is to be patient at the top. He must chase goalposts and have a presence that the opponent must deal with.

– He can’t touch the ball, but is always involved, explains Guardiola – who described the match against Bournemouth (eight touches to the ball) as ‘in prison’.

– The hardest mission in the world when you are a striker and defenders are defending in areas like Bournemouth. They have three defenders, two players up front and all in the middle. How can you survive something like this? The City manager, thinking it’s too difficult, is convinced that Haaland’s downfall makes little sense to engage in reinforcements.

Graphics: Sofascore.com

– He is a member of a team that has very good mechanics for creating things. You don’t need more people looking for the ball, says Kay Bardal, soccer coach and VG writer.

– Has the ability to threaten behind the defense, even if there is a small space. He is very good at running properly and timing the race. He says he affects the game more by being without touching the ball.

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According to the official Premier League statistics, Haaland has the fewest touches of all City players (who have played at least 150 minutes) this season – including goalkeeper Ederson who has 171 touches.

– I think he lives well with her. Guardiola has other types of attackers, such as Messi, who become anxious if they are not on the ball. When Messi played under Guardiola, they had to give him some useless passes so he could feel the ball, says Bardal.

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