That’s what Tina Caroline Skovdal is doing in “Paradise” today

That’s what Tina Caroline Skovdal is doing in “Paradise” today

Tina Caroline Skovdal, 33, cheered out loud in 2013 when she climbed to the top in “Paradise Hotel” with Sander Johansen Kalstrup (32).

She does this today

She does this today

After the engagement, she was also seen on “Robinson’s Journey” with former “Paradise Hotel” participant Carl Eliassen (35). Since then, she has kept away from the limelight.

Today, Skovdal works as a traffic educator and enjoys life as a mother of two.

Vida Lill chose to drop the bullet during the 2012 “Paradise Hotel” final, leaving Miguel with nothing. Now she tells us what happened behind the camera. Video: “Myths of Reality”, Simpl.
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break up

Life is busy at the moment, but it’s beautiful. Work and children are at odds with each other, but I’m enjoying it. I still work as a traffic instructor, so you can manage your day as you please, and now there’s a lot going on, Skovdal told Se og Hør Reality Awards.

- I don't always think about it

– I don’t always think about it

– So it’s a lot of work in other words?

– It’s what you make of it, but you can work as fast as the 12-14 hour clock if you don’t have to pick up and drop off to nursery and school, but we made it our go-to, he replies to the previous Reality profile and adds to:

In the first episode of Dagbladet TV and Se og hör TV series “Reality-legendene”, Vida Lill Gausemel Berge revealed a number of anonymous stories from its season “Paradise Hotel” in 2012.
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– There are now some logistics that need to be resolved differently, as my partner and I have decided that we are going to separate. This means that I work extra hard on the weeks I can and instead drive shorter days on the weeks that I have to.

Skovdal goes on to say that maybe the new life will eventually become a habit, but adds that she finds the separation difficult to bear, especially after so many years together.

– It’s a little tricky, but it’s a well-thought-out assessment.

Christian Brynhofvd is a reporter for the Se og Hør Reality Awards at the Reality Legends press meeting. Video: Jenny Emily S
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I tried to escape with the school bus

The 33-year-old tells the Se og Hør Reality Awards that life as a mother of two is something she would never do without her.

Life as a mother is so wonderful. It’s also nice to see their interests being formed. My daughter is a little princess, while my son is interested in cars and motorsports. He even tried to run away with my school bus, so he’s a little ahead of his time, she says, laughing.

So he disappeared

So he disappeared

– Do you think they will follow in your footsteps?

No, I can’t imagine them doing that. It is still too early to predict, of course. In a way, I can recommend the profession to children if they should show interest in it, but it is difficult to combine family life and work as a traffic teacher at the same time. Skovdal replies, I think I’ll be very clear about that.

Ellen Eriksen, known from “Paradise Hotel”, has disappeared from the spotlight. She does this today. Correspondent: Klaus Fugelero. Storytelling: Selina Morkin.
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– It was very special

When Skovdal first stepped into the spotlight in 2013, she quickly got the stamp as co-creator of “Paradise.” At the Se og Hør Reality Awards, she can say that she views the engagement as a beautiful and fun memory.

– It was very hectic. You have gone from being a completely faceless person to being very visible. It was very special, but I dealt with it easily. It opened doors to so many different things, but I’m glad I started my studies so soon after I got involved, she admits.

– It was a life experience, like many in life. I don’t regret participating, I was able to take part in something that very few people have ever had the opportunity to do. She concludes that this should not be taken for granted.

T Brockholm got engaged to ‘Paradise Hotel’ in 2019, after which she got engaged and had a son, Matthew. Now she tells us about life after the engagement. Reporter and video: Ken Walsh
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