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Following the EU: The EU has not yet made a final decision on whether to end the transition between summer and normal. – John Christian Westre (Labor), Minister of Commerce and Industry, says it is good to see what the countries around us are doing.

Now the summer course is over – from Sunday night at 03.00 we leave again at normal time in an hour.


This is despite years of debate over whether we should maintain a plan to switch between normal time and summer.

– Why not drop that adjustment, but let it be summer all year round? Viji asked Chairman in 2018.

The proposal put forward by the European Commission in 2018 was the background Cancel daylight saving time order. It came into force in 2001 and sets a common date and time for change twice across the EU. The European Parliament has voted to end the transition between summer and winter from 2021.

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Sleep researcher does not like summer time: Think about circadian rhythm

– The EU has now spent a few years discussing the plan with Summer / Winter. The case is being considered by the Council of EU Member States, and then each EEA country will have to decide whether it wants summer time or normal time, Commerce and Industry Minister John Christian Westre (Labor) wrote in an email to VG.

He believes that the integration of Norway with other parts of Europe is an advantage.

– When we do not know today what other countries in Europe are deciding to do, it may be wise to wait. Among other things, this is predictable for all those who travel outside and the business community that engages in business, Westrey writes. This has also been mentioned before TV2.

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As Minister of Commerce and Industry, he is the CEO of Justervesenet and confirms to be with the Norwegian period.

NICE: In 2019, Torbjørn Røe Isaksen, then Minister of Commerce and Industry and head of Justervesenet, thought permanent summer was “good”.

Former Minister of Commerce and Industry Dorbjorn Rowe Isaacsen said in one Interview with VG He thought permanent summer would be nice.

– I firmly believe that this is very popular, he said in 2019.

But not everyone agreed with the opinion of the then Minister of Commerce and Industry. Sleep researcher Stale Palleson Expressed concern For the circadian rhythm of the people.

– People only want to remember beautiful, bright and long summer evenings. They forget how sad and dark the mornings can be in the winter if it’s summer all year round, Ballasen told Vijay.

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The European Parliament wants to stop setting the clock: – OK if we stop setting the clock

Whether it’s winter time or normal time, the clock is set back an hour so you sleep for an hour so the outside light is more or less when you wake up. The summer time clock should be set an hour earlier so you can sleep less than an hour and enjoy longer summer evenings.

According to TV2 Ispsos recently conducted a survey on what people think about summer and normal times. Sixty-two percent of the population believes it needs to be changed, and 28 percent believe it should be kept as it is today.

In July and August 2018, the European Commission conducted its largest survey of the summer. More than 4.6 million EU citizens participated, 80 percent of whom wanted to abandon the entire project. Most people wanted to have summer all year round.

According to Great Norwegian Encyclopedia It covers a total of 142 countries at the same time or alternates between summer and winter. But more and more people are moving away from the project. According to SNL, 87 countries implemented the program in 2009 – down from 75 in 2018. These include Sweden, Finland and Denmark, while there is no summer in Iceland.

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Does setting the clock end soon? How do you suffer

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Daylight saving time was once adopted to make the best use of daylight hours in terms of work and health. Over the past 100 years, the so-called summer season in Norway has been introduced several times and gradually eliminated.

Daylight saving time was first introduced in Norway in 1916. The project was relaunched in 1940-1945 and 1959-1965, and relaunched in 1980. The dates for the introduction of daylight saving time in 1996 were also changed. The Norwegian clock should be the same as in other European countries.

Do you think you should stop setting the clock?

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