That’s why she lied to her parents before the ‘Star Wars’ finale.

That's why she lied to her parents before the 'Star Wars' finale.

Alexandra Rutan, famous for the band Kino, was the guest of Tuesday Breakfast Show on P5 After she took second place in the movie “Star Wars”.

During the interview, Rutan shares a secret with hosts Vida Lille Berg, Andreas Veil and Stian Rosti.

She lied to her parents before the last day of the singing competition.

– I feel the worst person in the world, she says and laughs.

Held Concert: Alexandra Rutan jokingly hopes she’s not hereditary when her parents find out she lied to them. She was having a concert when she was on her way to relax. Photo: Bendixby, Terry

worried about health

It is said that Rutan told her parents that she should sit in the hotel room and relax and watch soap operas as a last-day recharge. She also said the same in an interview with VG, among others.

That wasn’t true – Rotan flew to Trondheim the day before the final for a concert.

– It was very interesting, and there were a thousand people who said they would vote for me. The artist explains that, so I see some value in that as well.

The hosts ask why she had to hide the party from her parents, when the 25-year-old answers:

– There has been a very high pace lately with ‘Star Wars’, and my mom and dad have been a little worried about my health. Then I thought, “The less they know, the better.”

Loss of sensation in the toes

Even though she had a concert in a completely different city the day before the final, she woke up feeling ready for that big day. She says the audio also felt like it was being heated up for transmission.

It was second place at Rotan, and jodler Björn Tommerin ran away with a win at Star Fight and did not stop the 25-year-old from having fun at the final party.

She says there was a real Paloba at the party with a “shotte roulette” with the rest of the Keiino band, among other things.

The artist also wore a pair of nasty shoes that she danced all evening. As a result, she lost sensation in three fingers, and says the feeling is no longer felt.

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