That's why there are mirrors in elevators

That's why there are mirrors in elevators

Today, we find mirrors everywhere, from bathrooms to museums, and they play a central role in our daily lives.

An interesting use for mirrors is in elevators.

Many have probably wondered why elevators are often equipped with mirrors.

It turns out that mirrors serve a practical and psychological purpose.

First, it creates the illusion of a larger space, which can be helpful for those with claustrophobia or agoraphobia who fear small, enclosed spaces.

When Elisha Graves Otis began mass producing elevators in 1850, he had to think of creative solutions to make elevators accessible to everyone, including people with phobias.

Mirrors can also act as a distraction and help people focus on something other than their fear, as many will instinctively look at their reflection.

Installing mirrors in elevators creates a feeling of more space, which may help people with phobias feel less convulsive.

Research from the University of Georgia also shows that exposure therapy, where you are gradually exposed to the feared object, is an effective way to deal with elevator phobia. Mirrors can enhance this therapy by providing visual support and distraction, which may promote feelings of calm and control.

In addition, the mirror also has other practical purposes:

  1. Elevator mirrors increase safety by providing a panoramic view, helping passengers be aware of their surroundings and prevent theft.

  2. For people with special needs, such as wheelchair users, mirrors improve mobility by making it easier to move in and out of the elevator.

  3. Mirrors replace the use of music in elevators because they provide a visual distraction that makes the ride less disruptive and more socially acceptable, even in silence.

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