That’s why there was an empty chair at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral

That's why there was an empty chair at Queen Elizabeth's funeral

It was Monday Bury the British monarch who spent the longest time in service. Queen Elizabeth has turned 96, and the whole world has stopped to say goodbye to the late Queen.

Sad Britons took to the streets To honor the Queen, the British royal family gathered at both Westminster Abbey and St George’s Chapel to bid farewell to what had been for many years.

Many noticed that one of the chairs in St. George’s Church was empty. The reason for this is the royal protocol.

tension: Body language expert Gret Holtan closely followed and analyzed many of the guests during Queen Elizabeth’s funeral on September 19. She made several notes for Duchess Meghan. Reporter: Maja Walberg Cliff.
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Jizya is assumed

Prince William (40) And the Prince Harry (38) Princess Diana’s mom He died in a tragic car accident in Paris 25 years ago. It is widely known that this had a huge impact on her children.

The princess was also highly regarded by people all over the world, and remains an icon. So it was according to does not depend on Many have assumed that the empty chair during the Queen’s funeral was a tribute to Princess Diana.

Assumptions that the chair was empty to honor the late princess only came in 2018 when Prince Harry married Duchess Meghan, 41.

The prince had a close relationship with his mother, and it was only natural that he wanted to honor her.

– Not sure: Prince William and Princess Kate attended Queen Elizabeth’s funeral at Westminster Abbey on Monday, September 19. But there was one thing they must have been unsure of beforehand. Reporter/Video: Marte Nyløkken Helseth/Dagbladet TV
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refuses to claim

There are also those who believe that the chair is by no means empty to honor Diana. The royal commentator, Richard Fitzwilliams, was clear that this was not the case.

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– He said after the wedding of Princess Eugenie (32) that the chair in front of the Queen was always empty and she had a favorite seat in St George’s Chapel.

According to Fitzwilliams, the chair in front of the king should be left empty so that no one would block the view. King Charles sat in the chair his mother used to sit on during funerals.

During Harry and Meghan’s wedding, some people mistakenly thought the empty seat was a tribute to Diana, he said after the Duke and Duchess’ wedding.

the total: Several people gathered in Hyde Park in London to pay their respects to the late Queen Elizabeth. Reporter: Emma Cecilia Erickson. Video: Thea Hope
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Se og Hør royal house expert Caroline Vagel confirms why the chair is actually empty.

– This is a protocol. She tells Dagbladet that the chair is always empty so that the king can watch unhindered what is happening during the service.

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