The 2023 Winner of the Year Award has been announced

The 2023 Winner of the Year Award has been announced

Geir Braathe’s Abacus Ratio is Profit of the Year 2023. He received the award during the Profit Accounting Conference.


Written by Lyn N. Sundalskleiv, Accounting Norway

Geir Braathe wins Best Earner of 2023. Here with Ingebjørg Harto, Chairman of Regnskap Norge.

It was a surprise and happy winner as he was presented with the 2023 Winner of the Year award on Tuesday evening. The winner took the opportunity to thank his colleagues:

– Thank you to the jury and all my colleagues. We spend a lot of time and resources on making each other good. And the most fun thing about it is that it makes more profit, said Gere Prathi when he received the industry award.

Geir is the Managing Director of Abacus Ratios AS, which has grown from one employee to 20 employees in five years. Abacus Ratios offers “holistic accounting” at a fixed price. Fixed price provides scope for cooperation and development of efficiency. In fact, employees use 20% of the job for courses and further development.

According to his colleagues, Geer is looking to the future in terms of automation and efficiency. He is also keen to employ people from different backgrounds, education and skills. Colleagues believe that precisely this enables the company to better understand the needs of its customers.

This is the sixth time that the industry association has awarded Regnskap Norge the Profit of the Year award. The award builds pride in the industry. It creates unity and fosters a culture where industry colleagues cheer each other on.

Jury reasoning

The jury was unanimously interested in the fixed price and the “end-to-end accounting” concept, which creates predictability for the client and demonstrates the importance of streamlining processes. This creates room for competency development, and Gere shows that the It is also possible in small companies.

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– Industry Profit of the Year Award is given to individuals who contribute to the development of the industry. The purpose is to highlight good stories, build pride and inspiration, says Regnskap Norge CEO Rune Aale-Hansen. The accounting industry is an industry of expertise. This perhaps became even more apparent when new continuing education requirements went into effect at the beginning of 2023. So, it’s very nice that Geer, who takes an above-average interest in developing proficiency, and who actually uses proficiency as a selling point to clients, walked away with the title this year.

The judging panel consists of Ingebjørg Harto, President of Regnskap Norge, Rune Aale-Hansen, Managing Director of Regnskap Norge, and Siri Nielsen, CEO of Amesto AccountHouse.

3 finalists

This year’s finalists were distinguished by their pride in their profession and the development of their skills and adaptive skills.

The three finalists were Mai-Britt Tredal Jensen, General Manager of Landbø Regnskap AS in Arendal, Geir Brathe, General Manager of Abacus Ratio AS in Sonne, and Ramona Hevri, Department Manager at Økonomihuset AS Dept. Jacket.

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