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Do you remember the song “Of the full moon“Has Waterboys written since 1985? Thomas Leeds (30) not only remembers the song, but believes he will always forget some parts of his life …

Review: Thomas, just 19 years old, begins to study design when a taxi hits him in the middle of London. At first, everything didn’t look bad: on the outside, Thomas escapes with a few scratches and bruises. But he developed a life-threatening blood clot in his head that required surgery.

When Thomas woke up, there was nothing like it was before. “I have very confusing vague memories, but strangely enough, I’m not scared. I do not know what I should be afraid of,” says Thomas. “I was like a baby.” – He doesn’t know at all …

His whole memory was destroyed! It will remain the same for the next ten years.

In ten years, now 30, he longs for the slightest hint of who he was, who he loved, how he spent his childhood, what he loved, and what else he wants to remember.

Biz Er Ains Dazz Dies Lying Heart: You had it in your hands with a rainbow. I had a flash “

When the words of the eighties hit “The Hole of the Moon” (third in the UK chart in 1985) by Waterboys, they struck like lightning bolts (“flash”). Several times in a row!

A blue floor … a silver radio … a Christmas tree has risen over her … her mother as a young woman …

“This is a very magical thing,” Thomas says in an interview BBC. After the flashbacks, he starts writing a scrap of memory. Did his injured brain play tricks on him? How will he know what is real and what is imaginary?

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Memories like “scary filing system”

Neurologist Dr. Schiff explains this to the BBC: Thomas’ long-held memory may still be in his head, but unattainable in the “most horrible filing system”. Scientist Thomas says more memories may be found. But I’m not sure this will actually happen.

In addition to losing his memories, another complication complicates Thomas’ life after the accident: he still suffers from facial blindness (prosobagnosia). Meaning: He cannot recognize people by their face. Not his parents, not his siblings. Once when he broke up with a friend, he said to her: “Sorry, but tomorrow I will not recognize you.”

His lost memory haunts Thomas sometimes more and sometimes less. He calls it the “empty years.” He creates new memories with his wife and two daughters.

But sometimes he loses them again.

The scars on Thomas’ brain occasionally cause epileptic seizures. After that, his memory was temporarily gone for ten years. When he arrived after the last capture, he thought it was 2008.

Thomas: “I don’t know who my wife is, I don’t know who the children are.” Smart speaker Amazon Echo knocked him on the leg. It was like traveling to the future. Meanwhile, Thomas writes funny incidents like this for the family to remember them forever.

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