June 9, 2023


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The advertising campaign continues – ITavisen

Microsoft continues to test new ways to display ads in a non-free product, however it may seem. We previously reported on advertising in both File Explorer and Start Menu.

Why advertise in a product that is not free in the first place?

For the PC you purchased with Windows 11, the price of the license is already included in the price of the device. If you’re going to shop around then, the price is over NOK 1,000, though many people have been able to find one or more ways to upgrade from an older version of Windows to the newer for free.

It’s the “Albacore” Twitter account that now confirms that Microsoft is working to include more ads, and they’re testing them in developer beta 23451. However, to see more ads in more parts of the OS, you have to download the redirects manually using “ViveTool” .

More tricks

The same Twitter account confirms that Microsoft is constantly adding more marketing – if everything is found in the final versions, there is no guarantee, but they are escalating the tests. At least he points to the fact that it won’t be less from him.

Have you also noticed that after installing certain updates you are greeted by an Install Wizard that tries to coax the user into using Edge, Microsoft 365 (formerly Office) and OneDrive? It is also the case that Edge in the latest stable version often switches to the Bing search field when opening a new tab to avoid using Google search (if it is set as default) in the address field.

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What “Albacore” refers to is the new “Home” in Settings. This seems like an attempt to upsell, rather than help the user, but there are security checks in there. Regarding the ad, we find Microsoft 365 at the top, followed by OneDrive information and account locking in case the user forgets the password.

Do you think it’s okay to have ads in the nooks and crannies of Windows 11?