June 6, 2023


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A man suspected of involvement in the explosion in Gothenburg

The airline passenger tax will be re-imposed

There was a lot of discussion when the tax was introduced by the Solberg government in 2016.

In March 2020, the tax was suspended to help airlines during epidemics. At first, it only lasted until 31 October 2020, but then the period was extended to several rounds.

The store government had originally planned to reintroduce the tax earlier this year, but it was postponed until July 1 after the Omigron virus led to new shutdowns.

End of tax cuts

IN National Budget Revised Presented on Thursday, the government makes it clear that there are no new extensions to the tax cut.

The government estimates they have lost NOK 880 million in revenue by cutting taxes until July 1.

In the budget for 2022, the airline passenger tax has two ratios, one lower and one lower. At least 80 kroner per passenger is included on all flights to Norway and Europe. The higher fare applies to 214 kroner and all flights to other parts of the world.

Presents a new strategy

The government previously announced that one of the goals of replacing the airline passenger tax with a new tax would be to provide Norway with a new strategy for air travel in the fall.

The government says the new line will have a “real climate effect and a better geographical profile”.

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