The Apple Vision Pro has a couple of annoying limitations

The Apple Vision Pro has a couple of annoying limitations

The first Vision Pro reviews have been published from the US media and with them some strange limitations have also been revealed.

Better than expected battery life

there is nobody big Surprises: This is new technology that needs maturing, but battery life is a little better than expected at 2 hours and 50 minutes when watching a movie, and a little better than Apple's 2 hours and 30 minutes. There aren't any third-party “killer apps” either, but it's impressive that you can put things like timers (and apps) in different rooms, go somewhere else, and see the same timers where you first put them – clever when you're cooking.

As mentioned earlier, Netflix and YouTube are missing, so you have to use Safari. Apple gets praise for the fact that you can put as many apps as you want into AR, that the panel is so good and that you actually get things done when you plug the headset into your Mac.

The headset has its own app store, and there's supposedly no way to browse supported apps without wearing the headset, at least not from Apple. Fortunately there is this site So you can know how big or small the library is before shopping. Several countries will receive Vision Pro later this year, but it is uncertain whether Norway has been included in the second round.

Now we just have to wait for VisionOS 2.0

From the beginning, Apple lowered the resolution from 1080p to 720p when streaming what you see in the headset to an external display, and now testers have also discovered a couple of things that should annoy you, especially this one: Shortcuts to web apps can't be saved to the home screen. As mentioned earlier, it would have been nice because the Netflix, YouTube, and Spotify apps are missing.

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Oddly enough, it's also not possible to organize the home screen at will: apps are sorted alphabetically. Much of this is as you would expect: Apple launches new products with major flaws, but then follows up with updates that users look forward to (which also keeps the products in the media). Apple is expected to introduce the flagship VisionOS 2.0 operating system. Update at this year's WWDC in June.

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