The Atlantic Way, James Bond | Tourists pay more than 770,000 crowns for a James Bond trip to Atlantic Road

The Atlantic Way, James Bond |  Tourists pay more than 770,000 crowns for a James Bond trip to Atlantic Road

Next year, 40 tourists, disguised as secret agents, will embark on a European tour to follow in the footsteps of James Bond. The tour operator promises a lot of work.

(Nidaros): About 40 participants will visit Norway, Iceland, England, Scotland, Ireland, Italy and visit various places where the 25th James Bond movie “No Time To Die” was shot.

We’ll recreate all the action scenes you can see in action movies like James Bond, travel consultant Lindsay Boyd at Uber Alles Travel tells Nidaros.

In Norway, secret agents will play paintball on a large track with obstacle courses, where the first to reach the finish line without being shot is taken out by helicopter and transported to the next destination, which is lunch in a cave.

Car chase over Storseisundbrua

After lunch, Aston Martins wait and a car chase over Storseisundbrua at Atlanterhavsveien in Averøy, where parts of “No Time To Die” were filmed, before guests head to Trondheim and the boat race to Munkholmen.

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– We rented six red boats from the Armed Forces Special Command in Norway and told the boat drivers that this is a race. Boyd told Nidaros that they were told to give full throttle, that they promised to destroy and drive past each other and that they were allowed to make waves to other teams to give themselves an advantage.

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The entire tour, which begins in England and ends in Italy, will be filmed by a hired film crew so that after the experience the participants can have their James Bond movie with them as participants.

Entrepreneurs and wealthy families

The price is between 85 thousand pounds. and $90,000, or up to NOK 774,000, for each participant in the 21-day trip. You must be invited to join.

One of the reasons for the high price is that tour participants fly from one country to another in private planes. In addition, it tempts with five-star dinners, exclusive car brands such as Aston Martin and Ferrari and a special event in the Tower of London at the invitation of the Queen.

Boyd says the participants consisted of about 60 percent of men and 40 percent of women in the 28- to 65-year-old age group. Half of the 40-45 seats are reserved.

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– There are wealthy businessmen and people who come from rich families, in addition to the fact that some have said that they use their savings on the trip, says the tour operator.

The trip was already planned for the end of September, but has now been moved to April or May next year due to coronavirus restrictions. Italian authorities demanded, among other things, that unvaccinated Americans be placed in a five-day quarantine, puncturing plans for six days in Italy.

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