The band’s performance had a shocking ending

The band’s performance had a shocking ending

A school band leader was arrested using a stun gun after a football match between two high schools in Birmingham, Alabama, on Thursday.

The reason is said to be that he refused to order his band to stop playing, after the police asked him to end the show.

This is what the American newspaper reported

Another sunny day for a long time

Another sunny day for a long time

Refusing to quit smoking

The incident occurred Thursday night after a football game between Jackson Olin High School and Minor High School. The game was played at Jackson Olin Stadium.

According to Birmingham Police, its officers were evacuating the stadium when the accident occurred. But even though the football match was over, both teams must have continued playing.

The police are said to have spoken to the leaders of the two school bands to end the show so that the students and spectators could leave the stadium. Jackson Olin’s band reportedly followed the police calls and stopped playing.

But Junior High School conductor Johnny Mims refused to comply with police requests, and his band continued playing.

Therefore, the police decided to arrest Mims on charges of disruptive behavior.

Getting into a fight with the police

During the arrest, a physical confrontation reportedly occurred between the band director, school security guards, and police.

The police officer who arrested Mims claims that the conductor pushed him during the arrest, and thus chose to use an electroshock weapon to subdue Mims.

The train conductor is said to have subsequently been treated by Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service at the stadium and then taken to hospital.

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After being released from the hospital, Mims was transported to Birmingham City Jail, where he was booked and then released on bail.

He was subsequently charged with disorderly conduct, harassment and resisting arrest.

– Don’t jump to conclusions

Jefferson County school officials confirm that band director Johnny Mims was arrested after the game.

-We are aware of the incident that occurred after the football game between Minor and Jackson Olin. I am in the process of gathering all the facts about the course of events, and I encourage everyone not to jump to conclusions, says school authorities representative Walter Gonsolin in a statement.

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