The batteries in the bucket suddenly caught fire

Fire: This image is from a fire that occurred as a result of a short circuit in the batteries Thursday night in Grimstad. With the good efforts of the residents, he managed to put out the fire before it even broke out.

– Don’t throw batteries into a bucket, warns Deputy Fire Chief Eric Evensen of the Grimstad Fire Brigade and sends a picture of a fire in a bucket with batteries.

It is a good idea to check how the batteries are stored. Evensen advises that it is best to return it to the original packaging and not put it in a bucket or box.

It is assumed that there are batteries that are not fully discharged, which collide with each other with the poles. Then a short circuit occurs and then it can start to burn.

Warning: Deputy Fire Chief Eric Evensen in Grimstad warns not to throw used batteries anywhere.

Tape the batteries to electrical tape. Draw a circular strip around the battery. Evenson advises that such things do not happen then. It is recommended to add a tape roll with used batteries. Then it is easy to remember.

Check the smoke alarm

The fire that occurred in the battery bucket was reported by a smoke alarm in the house. Evensen makes mention of another important issue:

Fortunately, we will have smoke alarms in our homes. Now it’s just been smoke alarm day, so most people check that the alarm is working, he says.

It burns 4 times more in December than in any other month. It’s about Christmas lines, candles, and stuff. The requirement is to have a working smoke alarm on each floor, states Eric Evensen.

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