The battery company is coded after the Canada Drilling Convention – E24

The battery company is coded after the Canada Drilling Convention – E24

Asian markets continue to decline. The strongest impact is on the Sydney Stock Exchange, which is falling dramatically.

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The decline that has mainly characterized stock markets in Asia lately will continue for most of Thursday morning. In Hong Kong, Shanghai and Taiwan, markets are closed for holidays.

This is how it looks before six o’clock:

  • The Nikkei 225 index in Tokyo fell 0.15 percent
  • Seoul’s Kospi Index rose 0.39%.
  • The FTSE Straits Times Index in Singapore was down 0.17%.
  • The Sydney ASX 200 Index fell 1.56 per cent

On Wednesday, US stock markets fell sharply and finished in the red across the board. The Nasdaq index and Tesla share in particular contributed to the decline.

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Meanwhile, Central Bank Governor Jerome Powell stated that most members of the FOMC Interest Rate Committee believe it would be right to raise interest rates in the country. Somewhat towards the end of the year.

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Thursday sees the strongest impact on the Sydney Stock Exchange, which drops dramatically in the morning hours.

Meanwhile, battery and metals company Battery Age Minerals (BM8) is surging after announcing it will begin drilling in connection with a lithium project in Canada. The Market Herald.

Lithium, along with cobalt and nickel, are central metals for the production of electric vehicle batteries.

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BM8 has entered into what is called an early exploration agreement with the White Sand Nation reservation in Northern Ontario, Canada.

CEO Gerard O’Donovan says the company will work closely with local residents throughout the project.

The share was up 4.44 per cent on the Sydney Stock Exchange just before 6 am.

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