The best sports make people sick

The best sports make people sick

A complete reorganization is needed.

“The sport turns all the stones to get better and win more medals in line with the Olympic motto “Sitius – Altius – Fortius” – faster, higher, stronger,” wrote Jan of Tangin.
  • Jan of Tangin

    Professor, Dr. Wels, University of Southeast Norway

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VGAnd Dagbladet And Other media have recently attacked the sick side of the sport, particularly the numerous eating disorder cases among female skiers and cross country jumpers.

Many have been accused of contributing to sick sports in general and eating disorders in particular, such as overly ambitious parents and coaches, athletes not shouting warnings on behalf of what they saw and experienced, and others involved who knew about the problem but consciously chose to ignore it.

Even Driveway builders and trail designers He has been charged. In this post, I will argue that the “blame” lies elsewhere – it lies in the modern sport itself, in its logic.

Jan of Tangen wrote, “The belief in running faster, jumping higher, and getting stronger is essentially pathological, any disease.”

modern sports He could not be stopped in his search for what could provide a small advantage to ensure progress and victory. The sport turns all the stones to get better and better and win more medals in line with the Olympic motto “Sitius – Altius – Fortius” (Faster, Higher, Stronger).

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Slimming down for the small but important benefit of losing weight is a clear example of this mantra. Using harmful fluoride lubrication on skis is another thing. Examples abound.

faith in Running faster, jumping higher, and getting stronger are basically satisfying, meaning satisfying. It is impossible to run 100 meters faster than 0.0 seconds, jump higher than 1,000 meters in the high jump or lift 100 tons in weightlifting.

However, all trainings and competitions are prepared so that the previous performance is constantly improved and new records can be set. The Olympic emblem is the satisfactory substance of belief in modern sport. The Doctrine and Affirmation of Faith is used on an ongoing basis in every local, national and international sporting competition.

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won’t do much Recognize that the pathological logic of sport has pathogenic consequences (nurse). The logic compels every athlete and coach to do a little more to win, whether that’s in the form of eating less food, working out at altitude, using an improved cleat shoe, etc.

That little extra can become too much – it becomes “the straw that broke the camel’s back.” Practitioners get hurt, sick, and depressed and have to stop what they have almost dedicated their lives to.

This is too Noting that most people do not criticize the massive consumption of expertise, research and other resources used annually to realize this inaccessible and diseased debt. Many people hardly believe that someone is discriminated against in a sport on the basis of gender, race, disability, etc. nor that many of them have never tried to win. Most of them have left the sport as “losers”.

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The masses, the media, politicians, and even scholars, praise the best and most powerful practitioners, without thinking that they might express a fascist contempt for the weak. Very few are interested in discussing the many physical, mental, social, economic and cultural problems involved in this pathological reasoning.

Figure skater Maren Lundby, who has been open about weight issues and has chosen not to lose weight, won the Name of the Year award during the Sports Gala on January 8.

More than this logic The dramatic pathogenic consequences are the environmental consequences. Athletes, teams, coaches, managers, supporters, and tourists locally, nationally and globally are transported primarily by fossil-powered transportation. In addition, a number of the United Nations sustainability goals are threatened by modern sporting activities. This should be highlighted and discussed.

Unfortunately, our fascination with the astonishing achievements and events of competitive sports is so great that we willfully ignore the unquestionably pathological consequences of the pathological logic of sports.

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what can he do If my description is correct? One way is to mock the pathogenic consequences of the logic of sports and claim that “those who participate in the game must also endure barbecue”. Injured or sick athletes are “accidental but necessary victims” in an ongoing “sports war”. “It’s the name of the game!”. Dieting is a must, what a cost!

Another way is to claim that sport is really “good,” focusing on enjoyment of sport, community, health, and honesty. All the speeches given at the recent Sports Gala highlighted these aspects of sport. Thus pathological consequences can be resolved through changes in the attitudes of athletes and coaches, as well as focus on value-based management in the organization.

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The third way is to abandon the idea of ​​continuous performance improvement. However, it requires a complete reorganization of both sport and society. The sport should delete the Olympic motto and become truly sustainable.

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You must specify the media Highlight a sport that contributes to joy, community, fair play and democracy. Sponsors should nurture healthy and sustainable sport, not today’s sick, anti-climate sport. Science should abandon research that promotes groundbreaking achievements and instead examine the limits of mental, physical, social, economic and environmental tolerance in relation to sport.

Is the last option realistic? number! Lots of people benefit from things being the way they are. At the same time, what is unrealistic is absolutely necessary in light of current environmental challenges. The unreal is the only realistic alternative!

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