The beta update fixes the Apple screen to 18,990 kroner

The beta update fixes the Apple screen to 18,990 kroner

Apple’s latest monitor, Studio Display, costs “only” from 18,990 crowns.

Why design such a screen?

The problem during launch was that the webcam was of such poor quality that reviewers assumed something was wrong, which was the case. Since the screen is powered by the iOS and A13 chip, it is as prone to errors as computers.

The monitor was launched on March 18, and so far you still have problems with the quality of the webcam (12 MP – f / 2.4), if you do not install the “Apple Studio Display 15.5 Display Firmware Update” in the beta version.

This is the new version number

To get the update, the Mac connected to the monitor must be running the beta version of macOS 12.4 and download a 487MB update to the monitor — only then you’ll enjoy the bug fixes. Professionals are unlikely to install a trial version of macOS

After installing the macOS beta, you can check again for updates by checking for macOS updates and updating to the version 19F5062g.

Hopefully, the update will now also be available to all beta testers, not just developers.

Improves a number of aspects

In any case, the camera has been improved with better noise removal, improved contrast and “framing”, as confirmed by The Verge.

We hope that the hardware and software inside the screen will be worth it, and that Apple will not only introduce flaws and flaws, but also introduce new features in the future. The opportunity is there.

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