The biathlon star reveals his girlfriend

The biathlon star reveals his girlfriend

This week, the Norwegian men’s biathlon team gathered on the holiday island of Mallorca, where they are in full swing as they prepare for the season. There, the days were marked by chilling cycling sessions in the Spanish mountains, but there was also room for a little relaxation.

It’s a good combination of vacation and training session. I think we’ve trained well here, says Johannes Dale when TV2 and Sturla-holm Liegrid meet him in the sun at Badel Stadium on the northernmost Spanish holiday island.

Love Blooms: Johannes Dale (V) will marry in the summer. Maybe he could share some love advice with his new girlfriend Sturla Holm Lægreid? Photo: Sveinung Kyte/TV 2

Declare the new marital status

For Dale, the past year has been quite a roller coaster in terms of results, but the 26-year-old says he is satisfied and motivated like never before to start a new season.

For Holm Lygrid, the winter was one of the best – in many ways.

The results saw him finish second overall in the World Cup, beaten only by fellow great Johannes Thingnes Bo.

But on home soil, the biathlete can now reveal that Kahn has reached the top. The 26-year-old has already found love.

– I found myself afterward, so it’s kind, says Holm-Leegrid with a sly smile.

The smiling boys of Mallorca: Good mood among the boys biathlon at a training session in Mallorca.  Photo: Sveinung Kyte/TV 2

The smiling boys of Mallorca: Good mood among the boys biathlon at a training session in Mallorca. Photo: Sveinung Kyte/TV 2

– So it pays to be good at biathlon on the dating market?

– Well, I don’t know that. It didn’t follow biathlon, so I didn’t get any credits for it, Lægreid continued grinning before adding:

– but that’s really the best thing, because then you can get to know the person without them having any thoughts about you beforehand. She didn’t know who I was when we started talking.

Life smiles

The athlete wants to keep the love story somewhat close to his chest, but admits that they met the modern way.

– I’d love to say we met on BeReal (a social medium), but yeah, says the 26-year-old with a shy laugh.

– It may not be the whole truth, but it is half true.

– But you met on the Internet, then?

– Yes, we met on the Internet. But she’s very recent, so I can’t give out the name and social security number yet, I was about to say, the infatuated Bærum man laughs.

– But life smiles. It’s been a good winter, Holm Legrigd says, so it’s nice.

Support from colleagues who are ready for marriage

The 26-year-old is also getting support from teammate Johannes Dale, who himself is getting married this summer.

– that’s awesome. It’s always good to have someone outside of biathlon that you can be with, Dale says, before a recent Lægreid chimes in at the end:

– There is someone who forces you not to really think about biathlon. It’s so easy that if you’re on your own, you’ll think “I’m going to take an hour to get to the ballpark to shoot a little bit or go up in the stock market for a little hour.”

– You’ll stay a lot in your own bubble, and when you have someone who might not think it’s so fun, you’ll have to do something else, two athletes laugh in unison.

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