The big airport that steals from the poor

The big airport that steals from the poor

I cannot in my wildest imagination understand why the main airport at Mo i Rana has not been abolished, or at least greatly reduced.

Store and Vedom looked into the nooks and crannies for funds to balance the state budget and the amended state budget.

When they took charge of the government in 2021, it was reported that it was the turn of ordinary people. After that, as everyone knows, gasoline prices, electricity prices, food prices, mortgage interest, and so on went up.

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Expenses that ordinary people specifically struggle with each month of the year.

hit the little ones

Now there will be more adjustments to value-added tax, employer tax, dividend tax, and skyrocketing raw material prices, which will affect the usual large and small private enterprises.

It is precisely these companies that keep ordinary people at work.

The fact that the agricultural industry and energy companies will be taxed in the afterlife without allocating money to those who cannot give Christmas gifts and food to their children, receiving a penny, is completely incomprehensible.

I dare say that if it were not for the agricultural industry, the number of working people from Western Norway as far as Kirkenes would have been greatly reduced.

The agriculture industry is a fairly large part of value creation in the country.

AP’s Fisheries Minister Bjornar Skiran should be the first to want tax/fee increases for the industry he is supposed to represent and develop.

Perhaps it is not surprising that the same Skjæran is poorly liked according to opinion polls.

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If you don’t have private employees or value creation, it will also affect everything from public servants to the elderly and children.

Unknown price on Mo

I cannot in my wildest imagination understand why the main airport at Mo i Rana has not been abolished, or at least greatly reduced.

Many, including the undersigned, were waiting for the bid
The amount is at the main airport in Mo.

At the moment, this has not been announced. Presumably this is because the cost of the project is expected to be more than double what is assumed. It probably won’t stop once it starts.

The project with a large airport in Mo is likely to be a scaled-down version of the Follobanen crack.

Tromsø has seen an exponential increase in the number of passengers who come by plane to witness the northern lights and fantastically beautiful nature.

The hotel manager at Hotel Meyer gården in Moe jumped at the opportunity and welcomed this development in their area as well. It was believed that this would be resolved when the main airport at Mu was built and put into operation. Declare the following in the interrupt
Nordland news last week:

We want similar activity/development in Mo as in Tromsø, and in this context we will expand the hotel with 100 new rooms.

According to the hotel manager, the only drawback was that there was nothing to see or do on Mo.

There must be enough reason to use the money of the poor to build a grand airfield that only Ranveeringen wants.

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