The biggest change in decades

The biggest change in decades

“Artificial intelligence is new and requires new solutions, but I am convinced we will achieve it,” says Elise Wagen, Labor education policy spokeswoman.

In the spring, the government will introduce a new digital strategy in schools. Then it will be important to find answers to questions about artificial intelligence (AI), the regulation of digital tools, and the competence of teachers, Wagen says.

The introduction of digital tools in schools is the biggest change in Norwegian schools in several decades. Plus, it happened a bit under the radar, without political interference, Wagen says, and adds:

There’s a lot to work with: Ap Education Policy spokeswoman Elise Waagen believes we have a long way to go when it comes to digital tools in schools. Photo: Labor Party
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When you have changed school life so much in a short time, it is important to be critical of how it affects our children. We have a way to go when it comes to ensuring quality content and national responsibility.

He wouldn’t answer for elementary school AI

Today, it is up to each individual school owner how they use, say, information technology to meet curriculum requirements.

Wagen notes that more and more AI will come, and that it will be important to have clear guidelines on how to deal with it in schools.

This is part of what they are looking for in the new strategy.

It’s revolutionizing how we access information. At the same time, we must not lose the core values ​​of learning, and take the best technology with us – it is very demanding.

Will it be possible to use artificial intelligence in elementary school?

– I don’t want to go into what is being done at the various steps at this time. But it is important to use it in a way that does not hinder learning. We have to speed up slowly to make the wise choices, Wagon says.

Big commitment

This week, Dagbladet writes about Berett Meyer, a mother-of-two. She has children in primary and secondary schools in the Bergen area, and for many years she has questioned the school’s use of digital media.

She is angry and believes heavy use of screens at school is digitally unwise, and teaches children bad habits.

Waagen says there’s good reason to ask important questions about its use.

– There are many parents who express much of the same, in Facebook groups, among other things, where there is tremendous commitment.

Scary for children: - Weakens the brain

Scary for children: – Weakens the brain

Wagon says the use of digital teaching aids and tools in schools can be positive when used properly.

Many schools, parents and teachers have positive experiences, but they require knowledge and conscious choices. It’s not about either or, it’s about how we use it in a wise way that enhances learning.

Watch tv

VG He wrote previously about parents interacting with watching television during pupils’ meal breaks, and that there has been a wave of protest from parents wanting the removal of television in the classroom.

More than half of Norwegian primary schools allow pupils to watch TV while eating, a large survey by Aftenposten Jr from 2020.

It’s great to have a commitment to digitization in schools, said the department director at the Directorate of Education (Udir), Osteen Nielsen, to Dagbladet last week.

We tested VIP membership at NOK 13,900 per month. Reporter: Annabelle Brun. Video: Jessica Maria Szymanska/Dagbladet-TV
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The Curriculum Agency is designed so that there is a large educational field for choosing educational content and methods of work, and for adapting education to students and groups of students in order to facilitate their learning and development in the best possible way.

– This field of work is also important in terms of digitization and the use of digital tools in schools.

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